Under Ursa Major Сonstellation fairy tales presented in Taimyr

Under Ursa Major Сonstellation fairy tales presented in Taimyr

December 16, 2021

A team of artists, translator, literary editor worked on the book.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. At the celebration of the Taimyr Day, the Dolgan artists Yulia and Yevgeny Porotovs, who currently live in Krasnoyarsk, presented their new book at the Taimyr House of Folk Art – a collection of children’s fairy tales – Under the Ursa Major Constellation. The book includes fairy tales from the collections of Evgeny Porotov’s mother Antonina Suzdalova, a methodologist of the Hatanga regional center of folk art, who collected folklore material on trips around Taimyr.

Evgeny noted that it was his old dream to collect fairy tales that his mother told him into a collection. The artists have adapted the manuscripts in a more modern way so that children can read and perceive them.

The book contains texts in Russian and Dolgan. Julia and Eugene worked on illustrations, design and layout. The Norilsk children’s writer Olga Shadrina was engaged in literary processing, and the texts were translated by Anastasia Terebihina, an old friend of the Porotovs.

At the meeting, the Dolgan artists talked about their work on the book, about themselves and their achievements. In addition to painting, the Porotovs are engaged in carving on bone and wood, working with leather and felt, 3D modeling, weaving, embossing, painting on wood and fabric, interior design, and book illustrations. They participate in various exhibitions and competitions in Russia and abroad.

Now four works by Yulia and Yevgeny Porotov are presented at the Mysterious Siberia exhibition in the new Tretyakov gallery in Moscow.

“Ten years ago, it was here, in the Taimyr House of Folk Art, that our first personal exhibition took place. From that very moment our creative career began. Therefore, it is especially pleasant to be here, among fellow countrymen, in Taimyr on this holiday”, shared Yulia Porotova.

Earlier, we told that the Sever third exhibition-sale was opened in Norilsk. We also said that young artists from Dudinka visited a famous illustrator Anastasia Arhipova’s Enchanted Snow exhibition, and the Ornament is the Language of Ancestors book became a breakthrough in the Taimyr peoples’ life study.

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Text: Angelica Stepanova, Photo: Taimyr administration’s press service

December 16, 2021

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