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About us

This Is Taimyr

The Taimyr peninsula is the northernmost mainland of Eurasia and the largest untouched section of the tundra on Earth – more than 400 thousand kilometers of wildlife. Translated from the Evenk language Taimyr means “rich”, “generous”. And this is true: unique and untouched nature, the country of a thousand lakes, the birthplace of the five indigenous ethnic groups of the North. The peninsula is listed on the Global 200 by the World Wide Fund for Nature.

We are rich not only in nature, but also in history and traditions. Here is the ice age, which we learn about, finding perfectly preserved remains of mammoths in the tundra permafrost, ancient shamanic legends, and unique rituals that have survived to this day.

Our land is known as the land of strong people – the descendants of the heroes who survived in the Stalin’s Norillag and built the world known industrial giant and modern cities on permafrost. We are not afraid of either long winters with strong winds and blizzards, or permafrost with a layer thickness of 300-500 meters, which occupies almost the entire territory.

THIS IS TAIMYR project aims to show the beauty of the territory, the richness of its culture and history, the character and soul of the locals – hospitable, cordial and warm inside, despite the outside cold. We will dispel myths about impregnable and uninhabited land. You will see that here we do not survive, but prosper. Follow our news and read our regular columns. Join and get involved.