Sever brand opens third exhibition-sale

Sever brand opens third exhibition-sale

December 08, 2021

Craftsmen will present their favorite and new handicrafts.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. Tomorrow, December 9, at the Norilsk Polar Drama Theater, the third exhibition and sale of the Sever (North) collaboration collection, which has already become a new local brand, will open. This is an educational project of the Norilsk Development Agency (NDA), implemented with the Nornickel’s support.

The Sever collection unites artists from New York and the Arctic – students, graduates and teachers of the decorative and applied arts department of the Norilsk College of Arts and the Taimyr College. Unique products are created in collaboration with professional designers of the Occhii brand.

All garments, souvenirs, accessories and functional interior items are made in traditional applied techniques in combination with modern digital printing, silk screen printing, engraving, hand and machine embroidery.

The materials were selected with a focus on sustainability. Mammoth tusk and bone, deer horn, leather and rovduga are complemented by organic cotton fabrics, practical mollettone, glass beads and natural stone.

“This will be the third exhibition and sale of the collaboration collection, which is a practical result of the Decorative Arts and Design course of the Academy of Creative Industries launched by the NDA. The result is an interesting ethnic souvenir collection that tells about the original culture of the Taimyr indigenous ethnic groups in a modern visual language, close to a person of the XXI century”, said Karina Andreyeva, head of socio-cultural and educational projects of the NDA.

In the renewed collection, the masters will present the mollettone products loved by the Norilsk people in a new design: sweatshirts, hoodies, collections with Polar Gardens, Taste of the North and other prints, as well as new handmade souvenirs of Taimyr masters from mammoth tusk, deer antlers, a collection jewelry inspired by Dolgan charms, and a series of ceramics for the home.

“I am embroidering with beads. In my work I use various natural materials, such as leather and stones. Participation in the collaboration inspires new design solutions, helps to weave traditions into modernity, gives an opportunity to exchange experience with other masters”, said artist Varvara Popova.

“Studying at the Academy of Creative Industries opened up new perspectives for me. Thanks to my participation in the collaboration collection, I can tell more people about my culture and the culture of other indigenous small-numbered peoples of Taimyr”, said master Valeria Aksyonova.

“This project allows us to develop creative potential, to look for non-standard solutions. For example, in my works I tell the story of Aika, a bear who lived in Norilsk and considered people her family”, said Anastasia Skrypnikova, a participant in the collaboration.

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Text: Angelica Stepanova, Photo: Leonid Batehin

December 08, 2021

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