Tourists invited to see Taimyr beauties

Tourists invited to see Taimyr beauties

November 07, 2022

The organizers promise to show the unique seaport, Lama lake and other local attractions.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. The Unknown Russia travel club invites tourists to spend a few days on Taimyr in the summer of 2023. A trip to the Arctic is planned for July.

Tourists are offered to visit Dudinka – to see the unique seaport, the Taimyr Museum of Local Lore, where the famous mammoth Zhenya, which is more than 40 thousand years old, is exhibited.

“And in the museum they will tell about the Nganasans, Enets, Nenets, Evenks, Dolgans – the indigenous peoples of Taimyr. The local team is preparing a small performance for us, as well as treats from folk cuisine. How often do you eat kulnbach, yukola, salgok, kerdilyak, sugudai? What about venison? Here you will try it”, the organizers say.

Also, the peninsula guests will have the ceremony of initiation into the Taimyr people under the shaman’s ritual with jumping through the fire. Daredevils will be able to plunge into the icy Yenisey river.

In Norilsk, travelers will visit the Norilsk Golgotha memorial complex, built on the site of a cemetery where dead prisoners were buried in common graves, as well as the Nurd-Kamal mosque, the only mosque beyond the Arctic Circle.

In addition, tourists are invited to go to the reserved Lama lake, which is 100 million years old, and to a barbecue picnic at the Red Stones site.

By northern standards, the trip cost is very democratic – from 38 to 44 thousand rubles. Now tourism in Taimyr is being actively developed: here you can see everything for which people go to the Arctic.

Recall that the first and only swimming camp in the Arctic, X-WATERS Plateau Putorana, was recognized as the best sports route this year. In the summer, chefs, bloggers and journalists visited the Taimyr Salt gastro-expedition. The travelers went down to the Nornickel mine, tasted the miners’ rations and went to the Putorana plateau. The dream of traveling to Taimyr was also realized by a schoolgirl from Zheleznogorsk, Miloslava Palavayeva.

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Text: Anzhelika Stepanova, Photo: Nikolay Shchipko

November 07, 2022

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