Taimyr Salt participants plunged into Putorana plateau cosmos

Taimyr Salt participants plunged into Putorana plateau cosmos

August 25, 2022

The gastroexpedition first day began with a trip to lake Lama.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. Hovercraft delivered the guests from the Valyok pier to the Neralah Village tourist base, the first of eight glamping sites that will appear in the buffer zone of the Putoransky reserve as part of the Zatundra tourist complex.

Translated from the Evenki language, Lama means ‘big water’, and Putorana means ‘peakless mountains’. This basalt plateau, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, was formed 250 million years ago from solidified lava.

The Putorana area​​ is 250 thousand square kilometers. At the same time, 10 percent of the territory has not been explored at all.

The local cosmic landscapes cannot leave anyone indifferent: having visited the plateau, you take nature with even greater respect and understand how rich the Taimyr land tourist potential is.

“When I first heard about the Putorana plateau, 10-15 years ago, I wanted to come here. Previously, it was difficult to get to these parts, there was no infrastructure and such cool places where you can stay, and I am happy that now everything is different and my dream has come true”, said Natalia Berezova, Stall by Berezova ex-chef.

For two days on Putorana, the expedition members visited the Kamenny peninsula, swam in the Yuzhny Neralah mountain river, walked along hiking trails and flew over the plateau by helicopters. Everyone got sure that the country is called a land of a thousand lakes, rivers and waterfalls not in vain. Helicopter tour included visits to the waterfalls Princess 76 meters high, Lower Hihikal – 55 meters and Kitabo-Oron – 27 meters high.

“This is an absolute harmony of water, stones and sky. Perfect beauty, stripped of everything superfluous. And the understanding that this is part of Russia and just four hours from Moscow you can see this stunning, incomparable beauty makes a completely dizzying impression”, commented journalist Elena Stafieva.

According to the Taimyr Salt concept, well-known Moscow chefs prepare dishes from local products for the expedition members every day.

The Moscow best young chef according to Michelin, Nikita Poderyagin, was responsible for the first day final dinner: chir tartar with mashed roots and herbs, dalgan porridge under black chanterelles and venison tenderloin with gooseberry jam, steam brioche with dandelion flower jam and wild berries.

Ekaterina Alyohina, owner of red and green Michelin stars, prepared a lunch for a picnic on the Putorana plateau: mincemeat of whitefish and nelma caviar, sandwiches with yak copa, baked Hakass ram on kaimak, burbot, milk mushrooms, Minusinsk tomatoes.

Recall that the Taimyr Salt expedition is taking place in the region these days, from August 21 to 25. Project participants – chefs, restaurateurs, journalists, gastronomic observers, bloggers – discover Taimyr with its natural beauties and unique tastes.

The gastroexpedition co-organizers are the Norilsk Development Agency and the Nornickel company.

Recall that last year the expedition participants saw a mammoth, visited the icebreaker and caught smelt. And last weekend, athletes from all over Russia visited Norilsk for the first trail in Taimyr – a race in nature at the Haraelah mountains foot. This Is Taimyr also told that the dream of a schoolgirl from Zheleznogorsk about traveling to the Putorana plateau came true.

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Text: Anzhelika Stepanova, Photo: the Nornickel Polar Division press service

August 25, 2022

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