Moscow bloggers and best chefs to taste Taimyr Salt

Moscow bloggers and best chefs to taste Taimyr Salt

August 22, 2022

The Taimyr Salt second expedition participants will visit the Putorana plateau and Nornickel facilities.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. From August 21 to 25, the second gastronomic expedition Taimyr Salt will take place. It will be attended by chefs from the best restaurants in the capital, including Michelin restaurant guide award winners, together with well-known journalists and bloggers. The expedition was organized by Nornickel with the Norilsk Development Agency’s support.

The expedition members will make a trip to the Putorana plateau, open the Arctic sea gates and visit the Nornickel industrial facilities.

Famous Moscow chefs will prepare exclusive dishes from local products during the expedition days: Ekaterina Alyohina, owner of red and green Michelin stars, Biologie restaurant chef, Georgy Troyan,  Severyane and Zhirok restaurants chef, Anton Kovalkov, chef and partner of the Deep Fried Friends restaurant, Natalya Berezova, ex-chef of Stall by Berezova, and Bjorn’s ex-chef Nikita Poderyagin who brought the restaurant a green Michelin star.

“The Taimyr land is rich not only in its mineral resources and natural beauties. We have something to offer ethnographic, industrial, adventure and even gastronomic tourism connoisseurs. We are sure that the expedition participants, having received unforgettable impressions from the local cuisine, will return to their restaurants with ideas for new culinary recipes that will inspire even more tourists to visit Taimyr and Norilsk”, commented Maxim Mironov, the Norilsk Development Agency director.

The unique geographic and climatic location of the peninsula makes Taimyr a key area for Arctic tourism. The NDA and Nornickel are actively involved in the Arctic tourism development and recreation cluster, made to unlock the tourism potential of Taimyr and create conditions for mutually beneficial cooperation between the cluster members.

Now Nornickel is an investor in the construction of the Zatundra multifunctional complex, which will provide new jobs and make recreation for Norilsk residents and guests of the peninsula possible. This is a project for the integrated development of a unique territory located outside the Arctic Circle, near Norilsk. The complex will include a tourist village, a number of campsites, hiking and water tourist routes for nature-cognitive and expeditionary tourism.

The first Taimyr Salt expedition took place in April 2021. For three days, the guests – chefs, journalists, bloggers and gastronomic observers – visited the Avraamiy Zavenyagin icebreaker, ice fishing on the Yenisey river, sightseeing tours of Norilsk and Dudinka.

Recall that in the autumn a portal dedicated to the Taimyr tourist opportunities will be launched. Our territory has everything for which tourists go to the Arctic.

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Text: Angelica Stepanova, Photo: editorial archive

August 22, 2022

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