Extreme lover spoke about Taimyr traveling experience

Extreme lover spoke about Taimyr traveling experience

May 24, 2023

The blogger and traveler spent a night in a tent at minus 64 and now dreams of conquering the Northern Sea Route.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. Bogdan Bulychev’s team are experienced Arctic travelers. In 2022, extreme sportsmen in jeeps set two world records in the Arctic at once, and in 2023 they conquered the northernmost point of Eurasia in Taimyr.

In an interview with Our Taimyr, Bogdan Bulychev spoke about the most difficult part of his polar trips, Arctic humor and plans. The expedition to cape Chelyuskin turned out to be both the most risky and the most comfortable.

“We were driving in one car, and there were big risks: if something happens to it, then you have no insurance, you have nothing else. On the way back along the route cape Chelyuskin – Hatanga, we even set a record: we covered this path in just three days. Prior to this, the record belonged to snowmobilers who drove this route as fast as possible in four days”.

Each team is a professional in his field, there are no random people. Thanks to well-coordinated work, the route was passed confidently, overcoming frosts, thaws, blizzards, a lot of snow. Also, in Arctic travels sometimes happen situations on the verge – on the verge of black humor. On the way to Dixon, extreme people were caught by frost of minus 64 degrees. Travelers spent the night in tents without heating.

“In the morning I came to wake up the guys, I pushed them, and two of the three moved. One did not move, it was Zhenya Shatalov, I was trying to wake him up for several minutes, and he continued to lie motionless. Then I got scared and thought that Zhenya froze. This, of course, is black humor, because it turned out that he was just sleeping soundly. And at that moment I decided to turn on the burner.

The burner hose, when unwinding in the cold, just burst all over. When I turned on the gas, lit the burner, the hose caught fire, the gloves caught fire, everything caught fire. And at that moment the guys were still lying in their sleeping bags, cocoons, and in their eyes I read: “Well, we didn’t freeze in Taimyr, so we’ll burn”. Everything ended well, no one was hurt, we are now laughing at this story.”

The traveler says that the Arctic is good because it is not touched. Here you can find a village that is over a hundred years old, or a church built by the Old Russians in the 16th century, or some shamans burial places.

The team plans to go through the entire Northern Sea Route to the extreme points, all kinds of capes, go to the northern archipelagos, the Arctic Ocean islands.

Earlier it became known that Fedor Konyukhov wants to double his world record for flying over the Arctic. This is Taimyr also told how the Krasnoyarsk region became the Arctic gateway for tourists from all over the world.

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Text: Angelica Stepanova, Photo: Bogdan Bulychev

May 24, 2023

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