Visitor center at Alyonkina Mountain

Visitor center at Alyonkina Mountain

August 05, 2020

The project received grant support from Nornickel.

The project for the visit center construction in the protected zone of the Putoransky reserve, on Lama Lake, received a grant under the World of New Opportunities program of the Nornickel company last year. The construction itself began this summer. The volunteers of the Taimyr Nature Reserve’ Friends movement helped in it.

Lake Lama, where the visit center will operate, is the most visited lake in the Big Norilsk Lakes system: the most accessible and one of the most picturesque. The volunteers spent two weeks in the field and built the Dobrosfera Z82 domed house.

The new visit center will become a key point for guests to visit the Putoransky reserve. Here tourists can find out comprehensive information about the Putorana plateau, the tourist routes, the protected system and the nature of Taimyr in general.

During the entire construction period, the volunteers had only one day off, but it was unforgettable.

“On that day, volunteers went on a hike to two waterfalls, which are a couple of hours walk from the base, to explore the route of the future eco-trail”, the Taimyr Nature Reserves press center reports. “On the way, the volunteers looked for objects of tourist interest, and also identified places for stopping, where the future tourists can take a break and unforgettable photographs about their trip to the Putorana plateau. Based on the information received, the Environmental Education Department will create content for future visitors of the visit center. These will be booklets, information boards, digital information about the flora and fauna of the territory, the geological topography of the site and much more to educate residents and guests of the city”.

On the day off, the project participants also studied the mountains closest to the base and the mountain bowl from which the waterfalls originate. They climbed to the top of the plateau and set a capsule on the mountain with a message for future tourists. The group of volunteers decided to name the mountain Alyonkina Mountain – in honor of the head of the volunteer movement Alyona Zahvatihata.

As the This is Taimyr wrote earlier, they want to lay several comfortable routes for tourists to the waterfalls of the Putorana plateau.

Text: Olga Polyanskaya, Photo: Taimyr Nature Reserves Directorate

August 05, 2020

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