Trip to Kayerkan canyons is alternative to visiting Red Stones

Trip to Kayerkan canyons is alternative to visiting Red Stones

August 24, 2023

Mountain gorges along the Daldykan river are considered the beginning of the Putorana plateau.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. Fans of hiking excursions can independently explore the picturesque places near Norilsk. One of such places is a series of canyons and mountain crevices along the Daldykan river, not far from Kayerkan – one of three Big Norilsk districts.

Getting there by car, even an SUV, is almost impossible. Nature lovers and travelers should stop on the Norilsk-Dudinka highway at the Daldykan river road sign and then walk to the left.

“The rock massif can be found if you go up the Daldykan channel. You will have to walk for 40-45 minutes”, said the Norilsk residents Galina and Pavel Tyulebaev. “The reward for such a long walk will be a majestic view that opens up as if suddenly, out of nowhere.

There is no need in special shoes for hard-to-reach and impassable places – this summer is dry, and in rainy weather, it is probably worth while walking in boots. We had a great time with the family, took pictures, organized a mini-picnic. Wonderful place. We are going to discover other places where we have never been”.

Usually Norilsk residents and the territory guests go to admire the canyons in the place Bolgohtoh, but few people know about this place near Kayerkan. According to Larisa Stryuchkova, a tundra connoisseur, guide and specialist of the Taimyr Reserves directorate, this place is in no way inferior in beauty to Red Stones gorge or Bolgohtoh. But the mountainous landscape here is different – the ledges are smaller and not so long.

“All this, taken together, is the foothills of the Putorana plateau – the nature of formation is the same”, Larisa Stryuchkova comments. “There are many such places along the Ambarka, Daldykan and Bolgohtoh rivers, each gorge is steeper than the last, I confirm”.

Earlier, a Norilsk resident and traveler Mikhail Podolyak took pictures of the vast flowering Taimyr meadows near Dudinka and summer turquoise ice, reminiscent of the northern lights, in the lower reaches of the Ambarka river.

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Text: Marina Horoshevskaya, Photo: Galina and Pavel Tyulebaev

August 24, 2023

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