Putorana plateau enters top 7 Arctic most attractive places for tourists

Putorana plateau enters top 7 Arctic most attractive places for tourists

May 12, 2023

The North People resource made the photogenic territories rating.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. The Internet publication about life in the Arctic – North People – has compiled the top most photogenic places in the Russian Arctic – the land of ancient mountains, mighty rivers, beautiful lakes and sharp rocks.

Putorana Plateau

The Putorana Plateau is at the top of the ranking – this territory in Taimyr is comparable in area to Great Britain. Translated from the Yukagir language, ‘puren anaa’ means ‘mountains without peaks’. On the plateau there is the highest waterfall in Russia – Talnikovy – with a height of more than 600 meters. In addition, the geographical center of the country is also located on the Putorana Plateau, not far from lake Vivi.

Due to its remoteness, the plateau has got the title of Russian Pole of Inaccessibility. You can get to this protected area only from Norilsk by snowmobiles, airboats or helicopters. It is best to travel with a professional guide. Prices start from 70 thousand rubles in summer.


The top 7 also includes the Manpupuner Komi weathering pillars – this geological monument is considered one of the seven wonders of Russia. Once upon a time, there were high mountains in this place, but over time, water and wind destroyed soft rocks, as a result, the cores of the mountains were exposed – slate pillars as high as a ten-story building. Manpupuner is filled with ancient legends and traditions. The Mansi people deified the pillars: it was a great sin to approach them.

Vaigach island

Vaigach island is situated on the border of the Barents and Kara seas and is also a sacred place for the northern peoples – its name is translated from the Nenets as ‘land of death’. On the island, the Nenets performed pagan rituals: a seven-faced idol and several sanctuaries have been preserved there.

In summer, walruses, seals, reindeer can be seen there and even blue whales sometimes swim in coastal waters.


The Hibiny mountain range in the Murmansk region is called the treasure of the Kola peninsula: it attracts both those who want to admire the natural beauties and fans of skiing. As in the entire Arctic, from August to mid-April, you can observe the northern lights there.

Novaya Zemlya archipelago and Inostrantsev bay

Novaya Zemlya is the largest archipelago of the Russian Arctic, the size of Austria. Panoramic view of one of the most impressive glaciers opens from Inostrantsev bay – Georgy Sedov himself gave the name to the bay in honor of the outstanding geologist. In addition, Novaya Zemlya is home to hundreds of polar bears. A tour to Novaya Zemlya will cost at least 300 thousand rubles. You will need a special pass to visit.

Lena river’s delta

The Lena’s delta is one of the largest in the world: its area is 45 thousand square kilometers. There are 30 thousand lakes, countless rivers, channels, swamps and forests on the territory. Here is the Ust-Lensky Nature Reserve, where rare species of animals and plants live – for example, the pink gull.

Big Gate canyon

The Big Gate canyon with a depth of 100 meters is called the ‘lost world’ of the Russian North. The Belaya river waters have been eroding soft rocks for centuries, as a result of which it was formed. At the bottom of the canyon there is a kind of oasis: spruce, mountain ash, birch and red currant grow here. In the canyon you can find agates, amethysts and rock crystal.

Earlier, a picture of the Putorana plateau was included in a series of Russian Post postcards about the Arctic. Recall that this year the Krasnoyarsk region has become a gateway for tourists from all over the world to visit the North Pole. Also, we reported that a tourist visitor center would be built in Norilsk, and hospitality industry specialists from the northern city learn to work with travelers from Asia.

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May 12, 2023

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