New art objects to be made in Norilsk

New art objects to be made in Norilsk

July 13, 2021

The first public art festival is finished.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. The first folk art festival City of Endless Inspiration was held in Norilsk. Within five days, over 250 residents of Norilsk have attended master classes by artists from St. Petersburg and Moscow – Stepan Krasnov, Victor Splash and Lilia Burdinskaya. They learned how to paint walls, create wooden sculptures with the effect of 3D illusions and knitted fabric.

New art objects will appear in the urban space in the near future. Victor Splash and his team have created wood installations, one of which will be installed at the Public Library.

Moreover, the director and choreographer Lilia Burdinskaya have knitted a catcher of desires with the Norilsk women.

The object is decorated with 281 flowers, each of which was knitted for one hour; it took another four days to make the catcher.

You can see the unusual knitted fabric in the lobby of the Art Hall.

In addition to knitting the art object, a choreographer from St. Petersburg taught the festival participants to dance, and presented an art performance at the closing ceremony.

Moscow artist Stepan Krasnov and his friendly team painted in the style of muralism (a kind of monumental art and street art) the building where the Norilsk fab lab is located.

Inspired by the city, the master decided to give it a present – this week he will begin working on two art objects that will be located on the facades of houses near the City Cultural Center.

By the close of the first public art festival, the organizers – Nornickel and the RASKRASIMVSYO Company – arranged a party. The most active participants were presented with gifts: sets of clothes with the symbols of the festival and certificates for 20 thousand rubles to pay for any training program from Skillbox.

Moreover, in the evening, a concert took place at the City Cultural Center. For the audience, the vocalist of the rock group Animal Jaz Alexander Krasovitsky and the rap group KREC performed.

Anyone can vote for his or her favorite work on the official website of the City of Endless Inspiration public art festival –

Earlier we wrote that the Norilsk artist Daria Utrobina created a summer art facade at the Ol-Gul ski base.

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Text: Ekaterina Elkanova, Photo: festival organizers

July 13, 2021

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