Mount Schmidt examined with diamond machine

Mount Schmidt examined with diamond machine

September 07, 2023

Engineering surveys for the observation platforms construction are being completed on the slopes of the mountain.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. The Novye Berega company is completing survey work on the slopes of mount Schmidt – a complex of observation platforms with a large ladder system for hikers will appear here in the future.

The project is being implemented at the initiative of the Norilsk Development Agency (NDA).

“Engineering surveys are the second stage of the large-scale project after the concept development. And it turned out to be so difficult that for six months we could not find an organization that would conduct research.

Finally, we’ve found a worthy contractor who has experience working in difficult areas and takes safety issues seriously, so now the maximum number of surveys are being carried out here”, said Anastasia Korol, the NDA director deputy for tourism development.

Specialists carry out geological, geophysical, geodetic, hydrometeorological and environmental surveys at Schmidtiha (as the mountain is also called), as well as assess the avalanche danger. After the field stage there will be a laboratory stage. The results will be submitted to the state examination.

“The site is located in a mountainous area, which complicates our work: the patency during drilling slows down a lot, by about one and a half to three times. Directly on the mountain, work was carried out with a low-mobility diamond machine. Our task is to find out what type of soil is located here, so that in the future specialists can competently design the foundation”, explained geologist Rodion Nabiullin.

After the survey, the preparation of design estimates will begin.

The development concept worked out by the NDA and the mayor’s office together with the architectural bureau ludi_architects was presented in November 2022. A durable and comfortable tourist staircase with a length of 5.6 kilometers with three viewing platforms at different heights – 240, 350 and 425 meters – will be the longest in Russia and will include three sections: paleontological, historical, sports-educational.

Significant artifacts and historical objects are integrated into the route. At the Schmidtiha’s top, they plan to equip a platform for paragliders, and at the foot of the mountain – a waiting area, several pavilions and parking. Recall that the Norilsk mountains Schmidtiha and Gudchiha were named after scientists.

Earlier, This Is Taimyr reported that the first and only swimming camp in the Arctic on lake Lama, X-WATERS Plateau Putorana, won the Grand Prix of a prestigious award. The construction of a visitor center was completed at lake Lama in the summer, and the first Russian tourists visited the unique Hatanga-Severnaya Zemlya route.

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Text: Anzhelika Stepanova, Photos: Denis Kozhevnikov, Vladimir Makushkin and the Norilsk Development Agency

September 07, 2023

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