Internal coaches institute helps fight injuries at Nornickel

Internal coaches institute helps fight injuries at Nornickel

May 23, 2023

Company has two main trainings - for workers and managers

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. With the LTIFR (injury frequency rate) target abolition, as well as the elimination of penalties due to accidents and the targeted occupational safety programs launch, Nornickel has made significant changes in reducing injuries.

In an interview with, Stanislav Seleznev, vice president for environment and industrial safety at Norilsk Nickel, spoke about how the company works with managers and employees in terms of labor safety.

If a plant or mine manager has one fatal accident during the year, then he is deprived of annual bonuses. If a second one appears during the year, the division director is fired from the company.

“Since then, the directors have asked me for help, we conduct their enterprises audit with them, we look at where the main problems are, we analyze the incidents that have taken place, and I, just like a doctor, prescribe for each enterprise a specific set of ‘pills’ – measures to labor protection. Then the director starts working with lower managers”, said Stanislav Seleznev.

The company opened an internal occupational safety coaches institute, where external trainers are attracted. There are currently two main trainings at Norilsk Nickel – on dynamic risk assessment for workers and behavioral safety audit for managers.

Workers are taught to look for risks around themselves using dynamic assessment, managers are taught to talk to workers using behavioral audit. And it depends on both sides how this knowledge will work to reduce injuries.

“The labor protection service has two options. The first is a “crusade” when you come and build a system of totalitarian fear, and at the same time you need to stand above it all and watch, because as soon as you turn your back, someone will try to break a rule.

And the second way is “missionary”, when you convey to the workers what they themselves begin to believe in, and thus motivate them to be safe. We are following the second path,” summed up Stanislav Seleznev.

Earlier, This is Taimyr reported that Nornickel experts took part in the International Forum Safety Technologies 2023, the leading national event on security issues. Also, the Bystrinsky plant has begun using artificial intelligence for the employees’ safety.

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Text: Anzhelika Stepanova, Photo: Nikolay Shchipko and Nornickel press office

May 23, 2023

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