Tourism heart to appear in Norilsk

Tourism heart to appear in Norilsk

October 03, 2022

Vladimir Barinov, the Norilsk deputy head for information policy and prospective development, spoke about plans for the tourism sector development on the territory.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. “In recent years, Norilsk and the Arctic as a whole have become a real magnet for travelers. A lot of attention is paid to the tourism sphere development in our city. Today, work is underway in the main four areas: the infrastructure development, the existing tourist products availability and quality increasing, informing the city residents and guests, as well as grant and other support of the tourist community representatives”, said Vladimir Barinov.

The city deputy head emphasized that the Norilsk tourist visit center opening is an important project. The center will become a design office in tourism development and a popular public space – the place of attraction of Norilsk guests and residents, the Norilsk and Taimyr tourism development heart. It will include a large range of services: a modern information platform about the city’s tourist products, a single system of sale of all tourist products, an authentic souvenir shop and a cafe with unique Arctic products of local manufacturers, an exhibition, conference and negotiation room for a tourism community.

“The public opinion measurement, conducted by the sociology department, showed that the majority of respondents (85 percent) are interested in information about services in the field of tourism and recreation that exist in the area of ​​the Big Norilsk today. However, for a quarter of respondents the available information is not enough. Norilsk residents have a high interest in event tourism. Thus, 70 percent of the respondents are happy to visit the ethnic festival Big Argish, 52 percent are in love with the gastronomic festival North, and the annual summer tourists meeting on the Haraelah river is a popular event among 53 percent of respondents”, said the Norilsk administration’s public relations and mass communications and the tourism development department’s head Elizaveta Golikova.

Based on the Norilsk residents’ opinion, the specialists are already developing the concept of creating a tourist-recreational zone on the banks of the Haraelah river.

“The more than 50-year-old tourist and sports rally is one of the key tourist and sports events of the city and attracts a large number of Norilsk residents and city the guests. We’ve held a number of meetings with the organizers and participants in the rally and started working on the concept of landscaping and creating a brandbook”, explained Konstantin Yakovlev, the tourism development department head.

Earlier, we also told about the second gastro-expedition Taimyr Salt, in which famous chefs, bloggers and journalists took part. The travelers went down to the Nornickel mines, tasted the miners’ ration and saw the unique Dudinka seaport.

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Text: Angelica Stepanova, photo: Nikolay Shchipko

October 03, 2022

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