Thrill-seekers reached Eurasia northernmost point on Taimyr

Thrill-seekers reached Eurasia northernmost point on Taimyr

April 04, 2023

The travelers shot a multi-part film about the peninsula and worked out tourist routes.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. The Cape Chelyuskin – Cape Piai international expedition’s Arctic stage team has reached the northernmost point of Eurasia – cape Chelyuskin in Taimyr – and is already returning. The expedition leader, the Russian Geographical Society member, arctic blogger Bogdan Bulychev spoke about this in his Telegram channel.

The uniqueness of the journey is that for the first time the autoexpedition reached the most inaccessible and northern point of Eurasia by one car – Toyota Land Cruiser Arctic Truck – without the support of other vehicles.

Recall that four Russian travelers started on March 8 from Yakutsk. The team drove through Mirny, Udachny, the Arctic Circle, along the Anabar winter road, through Hatanga, the Middendorf cave, the Byrranga mountains, lake Taimyr.

On the way to cape Chelyuskin, the travelers filmed over four terabytes of video. A multi-part film about Taimyr and the Arctic will be assembled from it. After waiting out the blizzard at the polar station at cape Chelyuskin, the team set off back.

“We have finished filming and work on developing tourist routes in the Arctic part of Yakutia and Taimyr, a colossal work has been done, all the details will be a little later. Before we reach the first maintained roads, we still have to drive several thousand kilometers along the Arctic tundra, the route home will also be interesting, so we are going to continue shooting”, said Bogdan Bulychev.

Travelers already have three extreme points in Eurasia: cape Roka in 2018, cape Dezhnev in 2020 and now cape Chelyuskin. The thrill-seekers plan to go to cape Piai in Malaysia in 2024. And then the Russians will be the first in the world to reach all four extreme points of Eurasia by car.

Earlier, Bulychev’s team set two world records in the Arctic. The first is that one car drove to 74 degrees north latitude without any help. The second is reaching the northernmost point of the Far East and Yakutia by car.

In April, the Norilsk Development Agency will present more than 50 holiday destinations at the exhibition In the Center of Taimyr. In Russia, tourist flights along the Northern Sea Route are going to be launched. The This Is Taimyr also wrote that a website about tourism in the Arctic and the Far East will appear in Russia.

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Text: Angelica Stepanova, Photo: Bogdan Bulychev

April 04, 2023

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