Taimyr travelers to look for bighorns

Taimyr travelers to look for bighorns

January 21, 2022

The Putorana Territory team will go on the first scientific winter expedition.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. The autonomous non-commercial organization Territoriya Putorana was among the winners of the World of New Opportunities the Nornickel company’s social project competition. It received a grant of more than 1.7 million rubles to implement its ideas.

As a reminder, Nornickel has announced the winners of the 2021 social projects competition. The company will support 114 socially beneficial initiatives, including those in Norilsk and Taimyr. The grant fund is 154 million rubles, and the projects will be implemented in 2022–2023.

“We’ve won a grant for the first winter expedition In Search of the Bighorn. The Taimyr Reserves are actively helping us in the expedition preparation”, said the Putorana Territory head Anton Lysov.

The Putorana bighorn sheep, or bighorn, is found on the only territory in the world – the Putorana Plateau. The endemic was included in the Red Book of Russia. Many northerners and guests of our region go there only to see the outlandish beast.

“In the spring we will do a test run. The expedition will last seven to ten days, we will cover about 500 kilometers, a tour can be born from this journey”, Anton Lysov shared.

The expedition will also help to understand where on the laid route it will be possible to install mobile houses in which it will be possible to live and watch the bighorn.

“The houses coordinates, where there is a stove, matches and you can hide from the bad weather, will be in the public domain. You can get to the territory in winter by snowmobile or on skis, and in summer – either by helicopter or on foot”, explained the Putorana Territory head.

At the moment, Arctic tourism in winter and spring is represented very little in the territory. Thanks to Nornickel and the World of New Opportunities, the organization is the first to embark on this expedition in order to develop this particular tourist destination.

“The social goal is the development of Arctic tourism; the search for the bighorn is a scientific goal, and following the Territory movie footsteps is an exciting event”, concluded Anton Lysov.

We also told about a rare solo trip to the Putorana Plateau in winter: the traveler and photographer Andrey Podkorytov skied over 300 kilometers.

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Text: Ekaterina Maksimova, Photos: Nikolai Shchipko, Dmitry Boldyrev (“Reserves of Taimyr”) and Artur Andreyev

January 21, 2022

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