SEVER brand to present Norilsk character and uniqueness

SEVER brand to present Norilsk character and uniqueness

December 09, 2022

Local codes in clothing, accessories, textiles and ceramics will break the stereotype of a colorless Arctic.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. On Sunday, December 11, Norilsk will host a presentation of the SEVER brand’s new collection, created at the intersection of production and manual labor. SEVER is a practical part of the Norilsk Development Agency and Nornickel’s course Decorative Art and Design.

The brand has been developing for three years, uniting the creative forces of the Arctic masters and designers.

“The 2020 and 2021 collections were dedicated to the Taimyr nature and the indigenous peoples’ culture. When creating a new collection, we asked curators Svetlana Kolchurina and Svetlana Lipkina to emphasize not only the beauty and originality of the peninsula, but also the uniqueness of Norilsk, one of the northernmost cities in the world”, said Karina Andreyeva, head of social, cultural and educational projects at the NDA.

The 2022 collection will reveal the character of the Norilsk inhabitants, who, like nomads of the past, are exploring the Arctic today. The authors were inspired by the spirit of the Norilsk people, their romanticism and passion for travel. Through special aesthetics and color solutions, SEVER breaks the stereotype about the colorless Arctic.

The new collection includes unique shirts, sweatshirts, trousers, balaclavas, jewelry and much more. Their universal cut and prints will suit both women and men and will make you feel comfortable in any environment. The collection is complemented by home textiles and ceramics.

The unique, bold style of the collection consists of seven thematic series that reflect the characteristics of nature and the urban environment:

the Scales series draws attention to the multicolor of arctic fish and is conveyed in fabric prints;

in the Yagel prints series, a real gift of nature with an amazing structure, personifying the energy of the Arctic, is encrypted;

the Life series through allegorical images of birds tells about the freedom of the spirit, small joys, romantic meetings and caring for loved ones;

prints and handicrafts from the Ore series mimic the layered structure and combination of colors and shades of riches stored underground;

bright and contrasting, brutal and geometric Landmark series acts as an identifier, attracting attention and highlighting in the crowd;

a long horizon line, traces of transport, colored stripes in the traditional clothes of the Taimyr indigenous peoples convey the unique rhythm of the North in the Lines series;

the restraint and beauty of the Arctic landscape are reflected in the ceramic dishes of the Harmony series.

The collection has been created for nine months. The initiators of the project pay special attention to improving the competencies of craftsmen, so a large educational program had been developed for Norilsk and Dudinka artists and craftsmen. A series of lectures on design, pricing and storytelling, meetings with representatives of the creative industries, group and personal consultations with the project curators ensured the high involvement of each participant in the creative process.

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Text: Angelica Stepanova, Photo: Artem Polikarpov / Norilsk Development Agency

December 09, 2022

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