Potapovo and Turuhansk schoolchildren learned about seven Arctic wonders

Potapovo and Turuhansk schoolchildren learned about seven Arctic wonders

October 09, 2023

Thematic lessons were conducted by participants of the Taimyr SovremenNiK project with the Nornickel support.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. Thematic lessons for the children were conducted by the Taimyr SovremenNiK project participants, which received grant support at the Nornickel company’s Taimyr World competition.

Among the participants in the 12-day environmental-educational expedition along the Yenisey river, there were Norilsk city council deputy Natalya Karmanovskaya and her assistant Irina Baksheeva, representing the Green party and the Norilsk branch of the Russian Geographical Society, public environmental inspectors of Rosprirodnadzor and environmental activists.

During the trip, the Polar State University’s environmental educational center Noosphere team conducted a series of Arctic lessons for students of school No. 12 in the remote village of Potapovo.

In addition to the interactive lesson Seven Wonders of the Arctic, developed by the eco-center Zapovedniki in partnership with Nornickel and participants of the Kombinat of Good project, schoolchildren were told about the Polar State University and the eco-center’s activities, shown the cleaning water bodies from garbage by divers participating in the Poneslos! eco-marathon and held a cleanup day on the Yenisey banks.

One of the trip goals was to study the environment state: environmental activists took samples of soil, water and air. According to Natalya Karmanovskaya, the assessment will be given after laboratory tests:

“We can already say that the main environmental problem in Potapovo is the use of coal for stove heating, which makes the air in the village caustic and toxic. At the same time, I can’t help but note the residents’ love for their native land – they do everything to preserve the heritage of the indigenous peoples living here.”

Participation in such projects helps develop the active social position of the residents of the Krasnoyarsk Arctic, develop a caring attitude towards the fragile Taimyr nature, and introduce them to the way of life of local residents, for example, the Forest Enets: Potapovo is the only place in Russia where you can meet them.

To revive the Enets language in the village, the first language nest in Taimyr, Kayaku Bine –  eng.: Sunny Ray, was opened on the basis of the school in February 2012. The nest keeper, Svetlana Roslyakova, an Enets by nationality, who has a perfect command of her native language and knows the culture of her people, passes on the secrets of the Enets craftsmanship and traditions to the Potapov children. With the help of grant funds, an Enets primer was published, the presentation of which took place with the participation of the Taimyr language nests representatives.

Norilsk environmental activists also visited Turuhansk, where they met with pupils of the Holy Trinity Turuhansk Monastery’s Sunday school and school No. 1 students.

For further research, the laboratory of the Noosphere eco-center in Turuhansk also took samples of soil, air and water from the Lower Tunguska and Yenisey rivers.

Let us recall that as part of the Taimyr World grant competition, Nornickel is helping to build an ethnic playground on the shores of Hatanga bay, a sports and playground was opened in the village of Heta, an immersive performance-excursion was staged in Dudinka, and the Yidyna (eng.: Moonlight) community is teaching youth hunting arctic fox and partridge. This year, the Taimyr World will connect entire families of reindeer herders. A pantotherapy center and an arctic fox farm will be opened in Dudinka with the company’s participation.

The North indigenous peoples support is included in Nornickel’s ten-year development strategy until 2030.

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October 09, 2023

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