Olympic champion became Nornickel eco-meet headliner

Olympic champion became Nornickel eco-meet headliner

October 05, 2022

The forum discussed issues of environmental education, scientific research, as well as interesting projects in the territories where the Nornickel company operates.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. Scientists, experts, big business representatives, ecologists and activists discussed the issue of climate change at the 2nd Siberian Perspective environmental meeting in Krasnoyarsk. The event was organized by Nornickel with the support of the Corporate Volunteering National Council and the Managers Association.

The headliner of the forum was the Russian figure skater, Olympic champion Alexey Yagudin who recently visited Norilsk for the eco-marathon and planted trees there.

The athlete stands for tough penalties:

“We need a system, and it has also to be backed up with monetary penalties so that people understand that this reality must work”.

The Olympic champion believes that it is necessary to start accustoming people to an environmentally friendly lifestyle from childhood, and said that he separates garbage at his house:

“At some moment, my wife Tanya asked: “What is going on here? What are all these containers for?” But my daughters and I, began to separate garbage, taking it as a kind of game. Now it has become the norm. I don’t think there are many people like that nowadays unfortunately”.

The high level of environmental education in Krasnoyarsk was noted by the co-chairman of the Russian Environmental Chamber Vadim Petrov:

“In Krasnoyarsk, environmental projects are implemented systematically and on a regular basis. For example, the environmental education is at a good level here, primarily due to good involvement, as well as support from the authorities and enterprises”.

Nornickel is also working with the non-profit sector. The company has a large grant competition, which annually submits 350-400 projects, of which about 100 are supported by Nornickel. The grant fund is 155 million rubles.

“There are projects that are aimed at working with schoolchildren or at improving the quality of teaching in schools. There are sports and cultural projects”, said Irina Zhuykova, the Nornickel social policy department head.

Non-profit organizations employees exchange practices with other territories in order to take the experience and ground it in the territory where the company’s enterprises operate. Over the years, different projects have been implemented.

“These are big festivals that people participate in. For example, in Monchegorsk there is a Viking Festival: the initiative of the residents to hold a small festival-reconstruction has turned into a big event this year. The Viking Festival is becoming a tourist brand of the territory. People come and try on the Scandinavian history of the Vikings, even dressing up and participating in the procession, in the Vikings’ battles and so on.

If we talk about Norilsk, it is the Big Argish ethnic festival, when the city center turns into an ethnic camp for a day or two”, said Irina Zhuykova.

At the forum, experts emphasized the importance of scientific research in the field of climate and ecology. Nornickel, whose main production facilities are located in the Arctic, where climate risks are high, is implementing a number of large-scale projects to improve the environment in the regions where it operates. These include the Clean Norilsk program, which has become part of the Clean Arctic federal project. In addition, Nornickel carries out scientific research, including that of the permafrost soils state.

Yury Zaharinsky, senior researcher at the research department of the Siberian Federal University (SFU), emphasized the importance of these studies. According to scientist, in recent years the air temperature in Norilsk has increased by almost four degrees, and the consequences of this require special study and control.

Earlier, This Is Taimyr reported that Nornickel helped scientists count the Arctic ocean inhabitants and the Large Scientific Expedition covered all Nornickel production locations.

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Text: Anzhelika Stepanova, Photo: Nornickel press service / Alexander Sabakar

October 05, 2022

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