Norilsk to get three more art facades

Norilsk to get three more art facades

September 01, 2023

The Norilsk gallery of street arts ARcTic will be replenished with new objects of monumental painting. There will be 15 of them soon.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. Artists have started designing technical structures on Komsomolskaya street. Bright murals will create an inspiring view from the windows of the Norilsk Development Agency (NDA) and five other organizations nearby. The authors of the sketches appearing on the facades are Sergey Akramov from Yekaterinburg, Roman Muratkin from Serpuhov and Yury Averin from Krasnoyarsk.

The sketch for the brick facade by Roman Muratkin is dedicated to cinema. The idea of the work is interesting because film production as a sector of creative industries includes many other branches of the creative economy, the development of which is supported by the NDA. We are talking about visual art, music, sound design, computer graphics.

Plants, in particular indoor plants, often become objects for Sergey Akramov’s works.

“The sketch for our city was no exception, because the Norilsk people like to grow potted flowers and plants at home, which will be interesting and unexpected to see on the street”, the NDA said.

An abstract sketch by Yury Averin enhances the overall creative background, but does not interrupt other works. When creating it, the author relied on satellite images of the city and wanted to convey the feeling of a labyrinth.

“We were lucky to get acquainted with one of the most prominent Russian artists, Dmitry Aske, he is called one of the ideologists of Russian street wave artists. We are still looking for a surface in the city for Dmitry’s sketch, but this year we asked him to help form a team of authors to work on three new ARcTic objects.

As a result, we managed to attract three wonderful artists to the project, each of whom has his own style and artistic style,” said Karina Andreyeva, head of social, cultural and educational projects of the NDA.

All sketches are designed in the same color scheme and create a harmonious atmosphere. The artists plan to complete work on the facades by mid-September.

Recall that the ARcTic street art gallery is being implemented with the Nornickel’s support. For four years, 12 exhibits were created for the gallery: in Kayerkan everyone is met by Owl, at the entrance to Norilsk we can see Bear with a Cub and Deers. The city was decorated with two more elegant works: Lucky Goal and Ancient Goddess’s Head. There are also several 3D illusions: Balloons, Airship and Mars Rover. We also told that a Norilsk woman painted a sawmill in her house yard.

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Text: Marina Horoshevskaya, Photo: Olga Zaderyaka

September 01, 2023

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