Norilsk woman painted a sawmill

Norilsk woman painted a sawmill

June 17, 2020

Social media is enthusiastic about the initiative.

A new art object appeared in the Ordzhonikidze Street 10a courtyard. The Norilsk artist Daria Utrobina decided to color the inconspicuous sawmill near her block of flats and decorate the yard this way.

The girl told that she had already worked with the Gorod management company, which owns the building, earlier, so it was not difficult to obtain the work permit. She also talked with the employees of the sawmill. They shared their ideas about the drawing with the artist.

The work took 3 days and 35 cans of paint

“Mountains, sunset. I wanted bright nature. Our yard is empty, there is not enough greenery. There is a flowering tree on the left of the painting, it is a little magical. And our unique polar owl”, the artist explained her idea.

It took 3 days and 35 spray cans of paint. The paint was special, professional, resistant (you can’t buy it in Norilsk – you need to order it, and it can be brought only by water, not by aircraft). The next day rain didn’t damage the new picture. Daria also told about the staircase at the entrance to Kayerkan (a part of Big Norilsk), which she and some other artists painted about four years ago at the initiative of the Norilsk Youth Center. The staircase is still bright.

You can find more objects in the city that have changed thanks to Dasha. For example, she has been painting the corridors in the Kayerkan kindergarten N98 for two years. And last year, she decorated the hockey box in the courtyard on Komsomolskaya street 7 using a graffiti technique. The site appeared thanks to the Hockey North project, supported by the Nornickel charity program The World of New Opportunities. This year, Daria Utrobina will paint the electrical substation in the same courtyard also by the request of the Hockey for Children public organization. The sketch has already been prepared and tried on to the object virtually. She is just waiting for the paints to arrive.

The sawmill looks special on the gray background

The artist did not study drawing anywhere. She is a technologist in the baking and confectionery industries by education. She had been working as a pastry chef for five years but then completely devoted herself to creativity.

She paints not only on walls, but also on paper. Mostly with acrylic paints. Her works are dedicated to her native city. She says she decided to show her vision through paintings. “I paint Norilsk landscapes mainly. Many see it in gray. I see it in bright colors. I was born here, I love this city”, says the artist.

Grateful residents of the home yard began to distribute pictures of the new art object on social networks. Photos have already collected several thousand likes and only positive reviews.

“Well, super! We need more of such walls and facades! ” – users write on the artist’s page on Instagram.

Text: Maria Vinnichenko, Photo:

June 17, 2020

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