Norilsk expedition to go to Taimyr remote villages

Norilsk expedition to go to Taimyr remote villages

June 21, 2021

The trip is organized by the Norilsk Development Agency.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. On June 21, the expedition will start to the remote villages of Taimyr. The specialists will have to collect information about the way of life, traditions and customs of the indigenous ethnic groups of the peninsula.

The expedition will include of the Norilsk Development Agency (NDA) and the Taimyr Nature Reserves‘s employees, museum workers, ethnographers, travelers and modern artisans who will immerse themselves in the life of Taimyr’s small peoples – Dolgans, Nganasans, Nenets, Enets and Evenks.

The trip starts from Hatanga, the route will pass through the villages of Zhdaniha, Syndassko, Popigay, Kresty, Novaya, Heta, Katyryk, Volochanka and Ust-Avam.

“The lifestyle and culture of indigenous northern peoples is an example of the amazing adaptation of people to extreme climatic conditions. Traditional crafts and way of life, folk songs and fairy tales – the influence of a special northern environment can be traced in everything. However, from year to year there are fewer and fewer speakers of northern folklore, languages, and writing. Old residents of the villages are dying, young people are increasingly striving to move closer to civilization, while they often do not see the value in preserving their own culture”, said the NDA representatives.

In addition, the expedition members will have to assess the tourism potential of remote Taimyr villages and understand what could attract tourists there.

The participants also hope that the trip will help close the blank spots in the history of the old-time Russian population, trace the interpenetration of cultures and identify general trends.

“The peculiarities of the arts and crafts techniques of the Taimyr indigenous peoples will be reflected in the future collection of clothing and accessories Sever. Modern artisans from Norilsk, Dudinka, Moscow and New York have already made T-shirts, hoodies, bandanas, bags and souvenirs under the single Severartisan brand. As a result of the expedition, a new collection will be prepared, combining traditional motives and modern approaches”, the organizers of the trip noted.

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Text: Mikhail Tuaev, Photo: Alexander Zheleznyak

June 21, 2021

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