Nenets life story in VR format to be continued

Nenets life story in VR format to be continued

April 16, 2021

Media artists Anna Tolkacheva and Andrey Nosov are preparing for an expedition to the tundra.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. About the plans for 2021, the creators of the Horeku. Stories of Tuhard Tundra VR-film told at the Norilsk Museum.

The VR film dedicated to the life of Nenets nomad reindeer herders was shown in the museum a year ago. For the second time, The World of New Possibilities Nornickel’s charitable program supported Anna Tolkacheva and Andrey Nosov, who started to create a digital encyclopedia of Nenets life and language.

Horeku. Stories of Tuhard Tundra

In February 2022, the authors hope to present an interactive VR tutorial, with the help of which, it will be possible not only to get acquainted with the life of the indigenous people, but also to learn the Nenets language. The authors believe that this format will be useful in schools, museums, and will interest tourists.

The partners of the new project – the Museum of Norilsk, the Main Chum of Taimyr and the Norilsk “IT-Club” – advise and provide technical support. On the mainland, the authors enlisted the support of linguists from the European University and specialists in the field of editing footage.

Unlike the Horeku movie (as the Nenets call domestic white deer) the new project was conceived not as documentary, but a staged one, which, according to Andrey Nosov, makes the authors’ task more complicated.

The self-study guide will use not only video recordings of the Nenets reindeer herders’ life, panoramas of nature with digital 3D copies, but also audio recording of Nenets names in various situations. So, interacting with objects, nature, the viewer in virtual reality glasses will get acquainted with the life of the people and, if desired, learn the language.

Anna Tolkacheva hopes that the VR tutorial of the Nenets is just the beginning. This language, in contrast to the Enets and Nganasan, lives on. An expert in applied informatics, who worked in the field of computational linguistics, believes that digital encyclopedias will be in demand among all small peoples of the Far North.

Next week, after consulting with the specialists of the Main Chum of Taimyr, Anna Tolkacheva and Andrey Nosov will fly on their first expedition this year – to the Tyyaha ethnic settlement, which means ‘deer river’. They dream, if possible, to film the birth of deer there. In July-August they are scheduled to meet with the heroes of the first work – the Kayarin-Palchin family.

Earlier we told how Russian bloggers visited Tyyaha.

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Text: Valentina Vachaeva, Photo: authors of the project

April 16, 2021

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