Russian bloggers visited Taimyr

Russian bloggers visited Taimyr

November 24, 2020

The travelers visited the Arctic tourist cluster and were impressed by the ethnic settlement.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. The info tour was organized by the Ministry of Development of the Far East and the Arctic with the support of the Norilsk Development Agency. The bloggers were guided along the most interesting routes for winter tourism on the territory of the Arctic tourist and recreational cluster.

The guests visited Norilsk and Dudinka, got acquainted with the ethnic characteristics of our peninsula. They were especially interested in the Tyakha ethnic settlement. The name is translated from the Nenets language as deer river.

Some bloggers have already shared their impressions on social networks.

“Do they really live like that? This cannot be, this is no longer in our time. These are some of the most frequent answers to my stories from the reindeer herders’ camp”, writes Sergey Anashkevich @travelmaniac_ru.

“People are sincerely surprised, amazed and do not even believe that somewhere there is a reality that is different from what they are used to. Where women calmly and without whining about difficulties raise three children, support the house and prepare food for the family. Where boys from childhood master the skills to do everything with their own hands, do not faint at the sight of deer blood and can easily walk tens of kilometers along the snow-covered tundra.

Here people do not have cozy apartments with underground parking and a smart house, but they have warmth in the chum or the mobile house even at minus 30 degrees, tea is always hot, and a piece of boiled venison tastes better than a steak from a chef in a trendy restaurant. Some of them are dollar millionaires, if you count the herd in money, but they do not sell it to buy a G-Wagen and fly off to hang out in Miami.

They know exactly where they left sledges with skins and supplies500 kilometers away under the snow in the tundra, and they will surely find this place. Subscribers are surprised that they do not sell the herd and do not strive to live a ‘normal’ life. They do not understand why they want to live in the snow, without the delivery of rolls, appointments for manicure on Saturdays and coffee in a paper cup on the way to zombie work.

And they are just different. For them, a dishwasher, a mortgage and a winter wash in the car is just as incomprehensible and strange as for city dwellers living in the middle of the tundra is. And who decided what living normally or abnormally is? It’s just that everyone has their own. And everyone is happy in their own way”.

“This cute reindeer needs about 10 kilograms of moss per day, and in a week a herd of a thousand heads cleans up huge areas, and the reindeer herders are forced to move to a new place again. So, in search of food, they roam the vastness of the Tukhard tundra. By the way, this is the place of residence of local peoples in their passports”, wrote Artur Andreev @vtm007.

Olga Kulikova @my_musthave also shared her emotions and impressions of the trip to the Arctic. The girl admitted that Norilsk became for her the northernmost point on the map, where she had ever been:

“It’s hard to believe that we have made it this far. During the day we managed to meet the sunrise and sunset, capture the halo, which looks very unusual here, try the local dish of frozen whitefish sagudai, and in the evening we will catch the northern lights. Tonight, when we were on the way from Moscow to Norilsk, it was blazing in the sky”.

In turn, @angela_nikolau learned that the word Putorana is feminine, and this plateau is four times larger than Latvia and Lithuania:

“Place of power. This is what the Putorana plateau is called, because when you get there, something mystical and strange happens to you. But, unfortunately, this time I failed to get there because of a blizzard with zero visibility”.

And Dmitry Kulikov @oktagon asked his subscribers:

“Where can you go this winter?” And answered himself: “To the Russian Arctic”.

According to him, he could not even imagine that one day he would find himself in Taimyr in winter, where he would catch the delight of every day.

“Now I want to explore other parts of Taimyr, where I have never been, as well as many other regions of Russia beyond the Arctic Circle. And I invite you to try on these amazing cold landscapes and the warm hospitality of the locals. See you in the Arctic!” Dmitry shared.

Let us recall that the Arctic tourist cluster was created in 2018. As the This Is Taimyr wrote earlier, 5.2 billion rubles are needed to create a full-fledged infrastructure of the cluster. However, now travelers want to go to Taimyr, and Rostourism intends to develop a concept for the development of tourism in the Arctic. Experts will soon prepare a map of the Taimyr tourism industry.

Text: Mikhail Tuaev, Olga Polyanskaya Photo: blog tour participants

November 24, 2020

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