Eco-festival ZOZhivem to take place in Norilsk

Eco-festival ZOZhivem to take place in Norilsk

September 10, 2021

Participants can hand over plastic, receive useful presents, participate in master classes.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. The ZOZhivem (ZOZh = HLS which stands for Healthy Life Style) holiday is organized by Nornickel volunteers – participants of the Icebreaker development program, which started in April. Eco-volunteers trained for three months, exchanged ideas, shared experiences, and in August the team started organizing their project.

“The idea of ​​the ecological festival was born immediately. For the Norilsk people living in difficult climatic conditions, healthy lifestyle and ecology are very important, and they are interrelated. Using simple examples, we will talk about how important it is not only to protect nature, but also to promote activities aimed at preserving the environment. If you want to change something in life, start with yourself: do not use plastic bags, but have reusable bags for the whole family – this is a great eco-habit. Start sorting and handing over plastic, and we will teach you how to do it correctly”, said the Icebreaker team leader Veronika Podolko.

“The central location of the festival will be the children’s library. Master classes will be held in its classrooms: everyone will be taught how to make slimes and a sun catcher. It will be possible to play board games, take part in competitions and quizzes. In the conference hall of the library there will be a musical apartment building, in the building of the library and in its courtyard, thematic photo zones will be opened”, the organizers said.

At the library building, it will be possible to hand over plastic and get a nice gift – an eco-accessory. You can return bottles with the HDPE label (containers for fabric softeners, washing and shower gels, dishwashing detergents, shampoos), bottle caps (2 HDPE, 4 LDPE, 5PP), containers for Kinder Surprise eggs, plastic cups , fruit and vegetable pads, disposable containers with lids (PS6), toilet paper rolls, egg cartons.

In addition, together with the team from the Melt Plastic workshop, it will be possible to independently make souvenirs from recycled plastic. In the Lemonade Shop everyone who comes with a thermo mug will be treated to delicious lemonade and sandwiches.

Eco Friends Center for ecological education will teach you how to paint bags. The ShandyCandy eco-showroom will teach making an Antistress Bunny eco-toy. And in the art studio Podval, two master classes on painting with acrylics will be held. In the Rascals’ House children’s and family space in Talnah everyone will get acquainted with the skill of making phyto-pictures.

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Text: Angelica Stepanova

September 10, 2021

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