Creative business supported in Norilsk

Creative business supported in Norilsk

July 12, 2021

Creative entrepreneurs can be assisted in applying for grants.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. Creative industries include architecture, design, filmmaking, music, software, media, advertising, gastronomy, handicrafts, and others. The Ministry of Culture presented a draft law that creates the basis for the development of creative entrepreneurship.

“The document defines creative business, introduces the institution of creative entrepreneurship into the legislative field and contains a concept for the development of creative industries”, said the specialists of the Norilsk Development Agency.

In Norilsk, 8.4 percent of workers are now employed in the creative industries. The contribution of creative businesses to the municipal product is about a percent. Moreover, this speaks of the great potential of creative businesses.

The NDA actively supports the development of this direction. For example, based on the Creative Industries Academy, a course of event competencies has been opened, the graduates of which will try themselves as organizers of city events. This autumn, two new city festivals will be held in Norilsk.

In the second year of the academy, artisans and designers were trained.

“Now, on the initiative of the agency, a comprehensive study is being carried out in Norilsk to determine the priority sectors of creative entrepreneurship that have the greatest potential and require priority support”, said Karina Andreeva, head of social, cultural and educational projects of the NDA.

“In developed countries, it is the creative industries that are considered the basis of the economy. We live in an era of transition from a commodity economy to a knowledge economy – the creation of unique products with high benefit. More and more territories are being relaunched through creative businesses. And Norilsk can and should become such a territory”, says Roman Kulyan, deputy director of the NDA for investments and business environment development.

One of the forms of support for creative teams from the ARN is assistance in the implementation of projects of local creative business. Additionally, funds for projects can be attracted from the Presidential Fund for Cultural Initiatives.

Festivals, awards, start-ups and educational projects in the field of creative industries, as well as initiatives in the field of publishing, design, fashion, music and sound design, architecture and urbanism, new media, augmented reality technologies can apply for grants from the presidential fund.

“If you hurry and declare your project before July 30, you can get funding from the presidential fund this year,” the NDA said.

If the project does not fit into the logic of the presidential grants competition, you can apply to private foundations.

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Text: Angelica Stepanova, Photo: Norilsk Development Agency

July 12, 2021

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