Artists from Norilsk and Taimyr to hold open air performance on Putorana plateau

Artists from Norilsk and Taimyr to hold open air performance on Putorana plateau

August 10, 2021

Academy of Creative Industries launches contemporary art course.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. The Norilsk Development Agency’s project Academy of Creative Industries opens a new course – contemporary art – for painters. On August 12, artists from Norilsk, Dudinka and the Taimyr villages of Popigai, Volochanka and Ust-Avam will go to one of the tourist centers on lake Lama, where they will paint outdoors for four days.

Putorana plateau

The first educational block was organized by the Norilsk Development Agency in conjunction with the Plein Air School project from the Taimyr House of Folk Art’s cycle Art Development of the Arctic.

“Participants of the plein air are professional artists and those who independently mastered the art of painting. The works of many of them are presented in Taimyr and far beyond it”, said the NDA.

Two famous Russian painters – Dmitry Permyakov and Dmitry Gusev, will curate the project.

Perm artist Dmitry Permyakov is known for his paintings about the fate of people tired of the big city, striving for nature and the eternal values of ordinary human life. The artist’s paintings are in galleries and private collections in Russia, USA, Germany, England, Austria, France, Italy, Montenegro, Belgium, and China.

Muscovite Dmitry Gusev is a hereditary artist, ethnographer and researcher. Member of the Russian Geographical Society, on whose instructions he created a series of paintings dedicated to the reserves of Siberia.

“Dmitry is well acquainted with the Taimyr nature. The artist made more than 20 independent creative expeditions in Siberia, Taimyr, Pomorie and the Arctic. In his collection, you can often find landscapes of the Putorana plateau and the Taimyr tundra. Now the artist continues working on a thematic series of paintings about Siberia and the Arctic. Gusev’s paintings can be seen in the collections of the Novosibirsk State Art Museum, the Museum of the History of Old Believers in Siberia, in corporate and private collections in Russia, Germany, Latvia, Czech Republic, Denmark, USA, Japan and other countries”, the NDA noted.

The works of the northerners will be exhibited in the Taimyr House of Folk Art, and the best students will take part in master classes at the Repin Academic Dacha.

The second course, decorative arts and design, is aimed at beginners and experienced Nordic artisans. Exhibitions and sales of the collaboration collection SEVER were twice held in Norilsk and were a success.

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Text: Angelica Stepanova, Photo: and Nikolay Shchipko

August 10, 2021

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