Venison from Norilsk appreciated by both capitals

Venison from Norilsk appreciated by both capitals

May 12, 2023

Zhar.Ptitsa brand venison delicacies go to conquer Vladivostok.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. The Zhar.Ptitsa company and the Severny Gorod media company both celebrate 25 years’ anniversary this year, so to mark the date the ventures decided to exchange the tours to the facilities. Journalists went on an excursion to the meat processing plant.

Each guest put on special clothes for the food industry: a robe, shoe covers, a cap – and went to get acquainted with the meat production.

The guests were shown the raw materials section, sausage shops and the packaging department, where the finished products of the meat processing plant acquire the marketable appearance necessary for sale and go to the finished product warehouse.

The plant was built in 1986 according to Finnish technology specifically for the processing of venison. At that time, a large number of deer could be processed on the territory of Norilsk, which by that time was hunted on an industrial scale at the Taimyrsky state industrial farm.

The plant was built for the production of wild reindeer, the number of which in those years in Taimyr reached several hundred thousand heads, in addition, domestic reindeer breeding was actively developing.

The first batch of deli products made from dietary reindeer meat under the Zhar.Ptitsa brand was released in 1990. In 2001, the plant was already wholly owned by this actively developing company. For the production of venison delicacies, smoking cabinets and equipment for the production of sausages were built here.

Since the production is located in Norilsk, local raw materials are used – deer meat. It is used to make sausages, raw smoked and dry-cured products.

Pork, beef and chicken are imported to the meat processing plant from the mainland: pork from Voronezh, beef from Tula and central Russia. Despite seeming convenience, importation from the nearest regions of Siberia, for example, from the Krasnoyarsk region, is impractical, since supplies for continuous production are organized year-round by the Northern Sea Route through Murmansk and Arhangelsk. It is more convenient for the plant to work with large Russian traders, to purchase raw materials in large warehouses.

About 20 percent of the products, and this is only delicacy venison in the package, go outside of Taimyr. It does not make sense to bring traditional types of pork or beef sausages to the mainland, because there is enough of it there. Reindeer products are sold on the mainland both in stores and online.

Not only meat products are in demand, but also canned food, which the Zhar.Ptitsa has been producing since 2019. In addition to various types of venison, canned fish, goose and hare meat, and pates are sold on the mainland. Moscow and St. Petersburg are already open for northern delicacies, this year the Zhar.Ptitsa is going to surprise Vladivostok.

The most interesting thing in any excursion to the food industry is the tasting. Guests from the Severny Gorod media company were offered to try sausages, which journalists liked very much.

Earlier, This Is Taimyr wrote that the Taimyr deer meat turned out to be the richest in micro and macro elements.

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Text: Denis Kozhevnikov, Photos: Olga Polyanskaya, Denis Kozhevnikov and Nikolay Shchipko

May 12, 2023

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