«Much in Norilsk was revelation for us»

«Much in Norilsk was revelation for us»

September 05, 2022

The participants of the second Taimyr Salt gastronomic expedition - famous Russian bloggers, journalists and chefs - shared their impressions of Taimyr.

ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. The Biologie restaurant chef, the red and green Michelin stars first owner in Russia, Ekaterina Alyohina, said that she took with her to Moscow not only incredible emotions, but also three boxes of northern delicacies:

“As a chef, I discovered a lot of interesting products here. I took three boxes to Moscow: northern meat, various caviar, and, of course, fish, ranging from nelma to whitefish and omul. From other discoveries: it turned out that the water in the Yenisey is not as cold as we expected, and the locals are absolutely wonderful people who are strikingly different from us, the inhabitants of the middle zone and Central Russia, for the better. And the most important discovery for me was the Putorana plateau. I traveled all over the world and thought that I had enough experience as a traveler not to be surprised. But the Putorana plateau surprised me. Taimyr has everything for the development of tourism. The main thing is that more information about this should appear in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other large cities, where, from my point of view, the main client consumer group is located. City dwellers get tired of the endless traffic and noise and will be happy to be alone with nature on lake Lama”.

Natalia Berezova, the ex-chef of Stall by Natalia Berezova, noted that Norilsk opened up to her from the other side:

“I thought: well, what can I say about Norilsk – two buildings in three rows. And now I know that this is an interesting original city with its own history and big plans for development. The fact that the city is developing can be seen even now, it is clear that people are trying to make it better and better, and this is very cool. Now I would like to come in winter to look at the polar night, at the northern lights. Though I have no idea how to leave home at minus 60. In many ways, I agreed to participate in the expedition after hearing about the Putorana plateau. I dreamed of visiting it for several years. It reminded me a little of Patagonia, Argentina, the Bariloche Lakes region. It is clear that everything is different here, but the nature is completely unreal, and the opportunity to see it is worth a lot.

Journalist, deputy editor-in-chief of the Komsomolskaya Pravda media group Leonid Zaharov shared that it’s his third time on Taimyr:

“This territory can be visited repeatedly, and it does not become less interesting. In this expedition, the main thing for me is that everything is tied to my favorite gastronomic theme, interpreted by Moscow chefs, for whom, I am sure, much here has become a revelation. We saw that Norilsk can also be a place of attraction for everyone who is interested in northern cuisine, northern traditions, northern technologies. In Moscow, this is a rather hot topic now – Nordic. Only when they talk about it, they usually mean Scandinavia, but Nordic is right here. We have an excellent base beyond the Arctic Circle for preparing extremely interesting dishes and all the conditions to develop gastronomy using local products and technologies. Norilsk needs to work towards the development of gastronomic infrastructure”.

Leonid Zaharov emphasized that he experienced special emotions from the industrial part of the expedition:

“I think the Nornickel company is not even a city-forming, but a country-forming enterprise. Such a stronghold of everything that can be imagined, without which Russian industry cannot exist”.

The North was also discovered by etiquette expert, writer, TV presenter Tatyana Polyakova:

“Taimyr Salt is an expedition to my soul and heart. Urvantsev’s house really became a huge shock for me, I carefully examined everything and imagined that I could live the same way. Norilsk is strict, concise, courageous, silent for me. I tried it on and wondered if I could live in it. And I think yes, I could. In fact, I can live in any city, but there are a lot of cities that I have been to, and I have never been touched by them, I have not even thought about this topic. But I’ve never lived in the North, and it would be interesting to me. I believe in development plans, I believe that I will see the new Norilsk with my own eyes, and for me it will be the city of the future. Norilsk people are very warm. I walked around the city on foot, and when I walk, I always eavesdrop on people a little bit. I heard very interesting and kind phrases. Your life is arranged warmly and comfortably”.

Ivan Glushkov, the Salt project creator and editor-in-chief, emphasized that the expedition’s main result of the acquaintance of chefs with local products:

“The chefs have discovered dalgan – unthreshed, sprouted grains of wheat or barley processed into powder, as well as new berries, herbs, fish, meat, new ways of cooking and combining them. Such work in the field, a little bit extreme conditions tempers the chef’s spirit. We’ve learned that the North is not just cold and snowy. We’ve seen the North in the summer. Beautiful nature gave us wonderful gifts that we used in our lunches, breakfasts and dinners”.

According to him, the Taimyr Salt project has a great tourism potential:

“We are ready to organize the Taimyr Salt for a wider range of guests, because everyone should see how beautiful it is here. Norilsk is changing for the better. I can’t help rejoicing at Norilsk people: in contrast to the harsh nature and living conditions, all of them are amazingly kind, sympathetic, sociable, sincere, full of emotions”.

Recall that the second Taimyr Salt gastronomic expedition, organized by the Norilsk Development Agency with the support of Nornickel, was held from 21 to 25 August.

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Text: Angelica Stepanova, Photo: Vlad Nekrasov

September 05, 2022

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