Coffee with venison and Arctic ice cream got connoisseurs at SPIEF

Coffee with venison and Arctic ice cream got connoisseurs at SPIEF

June 17, 2024

This time, 6800 portions were prepared for the forum guests.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. The gastronomic desserts developers from Norilsk have been participating in the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) for several years and are pleased to note that in St. Petersburg they are recognized at forums of this level. This time two new Norilsk brands – Arctic Ice Cream and Arctic Coffee – were presented here.

This time, guests from Norilsk presented their product in a section for a limited audience of federal-level executives. If at the last forum everyone could drink coffee with venison and try ice cream with northern berries, including a wide circle of the federal press, now employees of ministries and regional governments were eager to visit the Norilsk pavilion. For example, officials from the Arhangelsk region administration specifically went for northern coffee and ice cream, almost as regular customers familiar with the Norilsk product from previous forums.

This time, 6800 servings of coffee with venison, Tundra coffee, Northern Lights coffee, as well as Arctic ice cream with venison and northern berries were prepared for guests of the international economic forum. Products with venison – both coffee and ice cream – enjoyed the greatest interest and popularity. The secret of preparation is adding a fine fraction of dried deer meat with original ingredients. For example, mint is also added to Arctic ice cream to create a freshness effect – a kind of ‘breath of the North’.

Originating at gastro festivals in Norilsk under the auspices of the Norilsk Development Agency, the development of brands now represented at international forums began with a personal offer at one of the exhibitions in Moscow by the largest organizer of all-Russian, international and business forums, the Roscongress foundation. The socially oriented institute for development in the field of culture was attracted primarily by the polar exoticism and, in general, by the opportunity to get acquainted with the Russian North.

“For us, this is an opportunity not only to present our own original product, but also to establish business connections. There are plans, for example, to supply ice cream to retail chains”, says Arctic ice cream developer Nina Fedotova.

The brand founder will take part this week in the White Nights IV International Exhibition of Food and Non-Food Products for Chain Retail. The exhibition will be held with the support of the Commerce and Industry Chamber of the Russian Federation and St. Petersburg, as well as the main associations and specialized expert communities.

“This is the third year we have taken part in forums of this kind. We actually have regular customers, but this audience won’t just praise something. For us, this is a significant factor, given that at the very beginning of this journey, coffee with venison caused at least bewilderment and some wariness. But now our exotics are taken with great interest, because in previous forms it was widely discussed by the press”, says the Arctic coffee author Sergey Serbin.

The brand developer plans to continue the original packaging of the product, expanding the range, and developing the format of the Arctic coffee shop as an original idea about the Arctic. The project may be presented at the next economic forum in Vladivostok. There is already a verbal agreement on this with potential partners; some technical issues of participation need to be resolved.

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June 17, 2024

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