You are in Dances

You are in Dances

September 14, 2020

As a result of the competition, the best dancer will receive five million rubles.

On August 29, the TNT channel launched the last season of the Dances project, which was loved by the audience. Two participants from the Krasnoyarsk region – Zhanna Parhomenko from Zheleznogorsk and Zlata Skryabina from Norilsk – will also compete for the title of the best dancer in the country.

When a child, Zhanna Parhomenko was inspired to dance by one of the TNT series actresses, who in her interview admitted that she had a choreographic education. Zhanna decided to follow in the footsteps of her idol. At the casting, the girl presented the styles of Kizomba and Afro. Zhanna said, dancing for her is a way of self-expression first of all.

“I would love to dance everything, regardless of style. I love dancing and I will dance with pleasure whatever I come across at the show,” the participant of the project said.

Show mentors Miguel, Tatiana Denisova and Egor Druzhinin

Zlata Skryabina from Norilsk came to the casting to make her dream come true – she grew up with the Dances show, watched the project from the very beginning: “The first season started when I was a teenager. I looked at Slava Petrenko (a well-known break dancer and the show participant) and wanted to get into the Dances too. As the girl said, she could not even imagine how many dancers wanted to become part of the project’s last season.

Zlata Scryabina

A few days before the casting, during a workout, Zlata injured her shoulder, but this did not become an obstacle for her –  her performance was so inspiring that one of the choreographers of the project, Ekaterina Reshetnikova, wrote about the participant on her social network page: “This girl blew us up”. Later Zlata admited that she had pain, but the adrenaline helped the dancer stop feeling it.

“The most important thing is to be yourself, no matter on what stage”, said Zlata. “For someone, this project is a dream, for someone it is a goal, for others it’s a pleasant pastime. But a television show changing a huge number of destinies is worth a lot. The project encourages people to start dancing, change their attitude towards it, and reach heights”. On the air on 12 September the coaches of the project Miguel, Yegor Druzhinin and Tatyana Denisova said to the girl the dream phrase “You are in Dances”. Zhanna Parhomenko’s performance was very interesting but she left the project unfortunately.

Zhanna Parkhomenko

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September 14, 2020

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