Yoga terrace to be built on Ol-Gul ski base

Yoga terrace to be built on Ol-Gul ski base

September 21, 2021

Construction will begin in the coming days. The total area of the painting is over 600 square meters.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. In 2019, the Norilsk Development Agency, together with the management of the Ol-gul base and the city administration, developed the concept. Thanks to it, the ski base is gradually being transformed into a modern sports complex.

Branding has become one of the first practical steps to update the lodge. During the summer, local artist Daria Utrobina has been decorating several rooms. She says that the sketch was created based on the wishes of the lodge management. Skiing was chosen as the main theme, and the painting was done with spray paints.

Daria has been working on large formats for several years. According to her, the most difficult part of such work is the unpredictable Norilsk weather and insects. She calls them real enemies and is sure that it takes a lot of patience to ignore external distractions. In her opinion, the city needs renewal – an example is the cities of Europe and the USA, where street art has long been a social phenomenon.

“Norilsk is isolated, and art helps to fit into the big world. Paintings give freedom of expression, and they decorate the city”, she said.

Also, the tracks are being reconstructed at Ol-Gul, and the NDA team together with volunteers are planning to clear the area from old larches that spoil the base look. Also recently Nornickel volunteers begin construction of a yoga-terrace for 16 people. It will be commissioned in 2022.

“There are few open places in the vicinity of Norilsk where the company could gather and hold an outdoor event. The yoga terrace will be just like that: a beautiful wooden building protected from wind. There it will be possible not only to practice yoga, but also to hold various open-airs, outdoor events. Of course, everything is free. I think many people, including sports organizations, will like it. In the coming days, we will start construction, the materials have already been ordered, and we plan to complete the work at the end of October”, specialists commented.

They also noted that a similar project is being implemented in Monchegorsk, so it can be called interregional.

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Text: Maria Sokolova, Photo: NDA

September 21, 2021

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