What songs do nuclear physicists sing?

What songs do nuclear physicists sing?

February 25, 2021

In this article will tell you about the trio, which was recognized as the best in the vocal category of the Nornickel company’s Stars Corporation competition.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. Yulia Fedorova, Yulia Zharnikova and Maria Savchenko are the soloists of the Aquatoria ensemble, employees of the Nornickel’s Polar transport branch.

“I started singing in kindergarten: the music teacher noticed my ability. And in general I loved to perform in front of my family and relatives – I would climb on the table and sing”, one of the soloists Yulia Zharnikova laughs, recalling her first steps in music.

From kindergarten, she actively participated in city competitions, and at the age of six, her parents took her to the piano class of a music school, where she studied for nine years. During her studies, she sang in the choir, performed at various city and regional competitions, and later, after meeting a teacher of academic vocal, she added romances to her repertoire. So it was clear she would chose a professional music path.

“I entered the Krasnoyarsk college of arts, but changed my mind and entered the university for the nuclear physicist specialty”, – Julia says.

The girls do not hide: there is no leader in the team. Each one is an equal participant, and the choice of songs to perform, and specific parts are distributed at will.

“I dream of playing the guitar at the competition, but I’m not sure if my skills are enough for a contest of this level. So I have to get ready”, says Yulia Zharnikova.

By the way, the trio is formally a quartet: the fourth participant, Ekaterina Klimenko, also sang at the festival this year and supported her colleagues. Today she is again in the Aquatoria’s ranks, but after such a successful performance at the Stars Corporation festival, another participant left – Maria Savchenko – she assures that this is temporary.

Maria believed in her ability to sing as a teenager, when, at the age of 12, she spontaneously won a karaoke contest in one of the city’s shops. The girl liked singing, so school vocal performances and competitions appeared in her life, and later she became a soloist of the Dudinka palace of culture, where she studied in a music club.

Colleagues proposed to participate in the Stars Corporation. She tried it. And immediately became a finalist.

Maria is supported by her son – the boy is still a kindergartener, but looking at his mother’s rehearsals, he also decided to start singing.

“He sings along with me, says that he is not against participating in vocal competitions in the kindergarten but should overcome the embarrassment. It is also difficult for an adult performer: even though I have been performing since childhood, I am so worried every time that it seems that I will lose consciousness. But I still want to sing on stage: this is a disease and a medicine at the same time”, Maria is sure.

And the trio has plans for expansion. If all goes well, soon Aquatoria will grow into a vocal and instrumental ensemble.

“Next year our company is celebrating its 85th anniversary, and we want to prepare a surprise for our colleagues”, the trio members share their plans.

Text: Maria Sokolova, Photo: from the personal archive of the Aquatoria trio

February 25, 2021

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