Two amazing stories about art

Two amazing stories about art

February 03, 2021

Director Andrey Nianchuk will play a piece with himself, and journalist Mikhail Yashnov will tell a story with elements of horror, detective and comedy.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. The joint project of the Severny Gorod media company and the Norinickel company – the Enrichment Factory lecture club invites everyone on February 5 at 18.00 to meet with the theater and film director, non-verbal trainer, public speaking expert, winner of the Cannes Film Festival Andrey Nianchuk and Meduza Internet edition journalist Mikhail Yashnov.

Andrey Nianchuk will present a performance-lecture on contemporary art named Nonsense!

“A waitress becomes an artist, and a promoter wakes up as a poet, an engineer is appointed director, and a dentist discovers a singer in himself. And this is all before our eyes! Good and great… But it’s good when talent is born from nature, not from fashion! In the present situation, the ball began to be ruled by those “professionals” who could not show off their talent, but were able to tell everyone why they were great. In a very short time, art has transformed from emotional to purely visual! What are we to do? How is it possible not to take this seriously?” says Andrey Nyanchuk about his performance.

Andrey Nianchuk

Mikhail Yashnov will tell The story of how paintings by non-existent artists are sold in European galleries.

This is a story about a forgotten Soviet artist with a difficult fate, who gained posthumous fame in the West, transformed from a drama with elements of horror to a detective story, and then to a comedy.

“Trying to understand it, selfless journalists find new facts and meet the most unexpected characters. As a result, there is a reason to think about and rethink old plots: genius and madness, art and money, reality and fiction, friendship and betrayal” comments Mikhail Yashnov.

Mikhail Yashnov

Mikhail Yashnov’s 2019 article, written in collaboration with Yulia Vishnevskaya, was shortlisted for the main international prize for large journalistic texts – True Story Award (Switzerland; winners to be announced this year).

Text: Angelica Stepanova, Photo: Nikolay Shchipko, open sources

February 03, 2021

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