Travelers arrived in Dudinka on motorized inflatable boat

Travelers arrived in Dudinka on motorized inflatable boat

July 22, 2022

The expedition Great Rivers of Siberia traveled to Taimyr along the Angara and Yenisei from Irkutsk.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. The Great Rivers of Siberia historical and ethnographic expedition’s team arrived in Dudinka today. Travelers traveled along the Angara and Yenisei from Irkutsk to the Taimyr capital on a catamaran-type inflatable motor boat visiting Bratsk, Ust-Ilimsk and Yeniseisk along the way. The expedition’s main organizer is Anatoly Kazakevich – an entrepreneur, traveler and captain of the ship.

“Our goal is to develop domestic tourism reviving history, to show people the beauty of our territories, to show that you can spend holidays in Russia, and the impressions from these trips will be no less vivid. Also this time we are following the discoverer Pantelei Pyanda’s path for the first time in many years. It was the first Cossacks’ campaign in the Siberian lands”, said the captain.

Then the crew will go to Norilsk. The Taimyr guests will visit the Plateau Putorana, the Dikson port and go to the Kara Sea. Then they will start the return journey, which will pass through the Nizhnyaya Tunguska and Lena rivers, the Zhigalovo village and return to the route’s starting point Irkutsk. The total travelling distance will be more than 10,000 kilometers.

The team consists of four people: the captain, his assistant, helmsman and operator who is shooting a documentary about the Siberian beauties.

Proposals for the development of tourist routes aimed at studying the region’s history, geography and culture will be formed on the research expedition’s results.

Great Rivers of Siberia is the third expedition of the large complex historical and geographical project Baikal – Alaska. It is dedicated to repeating the pioneers’ paths, reviving interest in the history and geography of Siberia and the Far East. Expeditions are carried out with the Russian Geographical Society’s support.

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Text: Ekaterina Maksimova, Photo: Taimyr administration press service, expedition’s participants

July 22, 2022

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