Ten days on drifting ice floe

Ten days on drifting ice floe

April 28, 2021

The traveler Fyodor Konyuhov will study the intensity of ice melting in the Arctic Ocean and paint.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. Fyodor Konyuhov will spend ten days at a solitary drifting polar station in the Arctic Ocean. The website of the famous traveler reports about it.

The main goal is to study the intensity of ice melting and its drift routes. Konyuhov will devote his free time to creativity – he will create a series of paintings dedicated to the beauty of the Arctic nature.

The first expedition of the Polar Travel Club will start from Murmansk on July 11, 2021 on the atomic icebreaker 50 Let Pobedy. On board, along with Fedor Konyuhov, there will be 124 participants. At the North Pole, the icebreaker team will find a powerful ice floe more than three meters thick, set a single polar mini-station and leave the traveler alone.

“The station is already being prepared in Moscow. At the North Pole, we will only assemble it. The headquarters of Fyodor Konyuhov, the captain of the atomic icebreaker, and our team are involved in the preparation. We also involve a number of specialized organizations that will provide security. Thanks to careful preparation, we will leave Fyodor alone on the ice, and will go back to Murmansk. In ten days we will return for him on the icebreaker with the second expedition and find the station with the help of special satellite equipment. According to our calculations, during this time the ice will drift up to 100-120 kilometers towards Greenland”, says Nikolay Savelyev, founder of the Poseidon Expeditions Polar Travel Club.

The scientific agenda of the expedition was developed jointly with the RAS Institute of Oceanology named after P.P. Shirshov, which will provide the traveler with equipment.

“We are interested in the detailed structure of the World Ocean bottom, especially of the Arctic one. The problem is that the ocean is constantly covered with ice. We are interested in detailing, localization of microseisms, microearthquakes that occur. To record them, the Institute of Oceanology of the Russian Academy of Sciences is now developing a special hardware complex that will be placed on the ice and record these local microearthquakes. The bottom structure will be reconstructed from the recorded data. This is an autonomous ice seismograph: it works online, records microseisms while drifting. The device also records noise. And it is necessary when filtering data that we will be filming from this network in the future”, said Director of the Institute Alexey Sokov.

Iridium will supply Konyuhov with satellite sensors capable of tracking the drift of the polar station. With the help of a satellite tracker, it will be possible to find out where Konyuhov is, pin his place on the map on the Internet and even send a message to the traveler.

According to Konyuhov, he missed the North Pole very much and is waiting to see the Arctic.

“I do not go on expeditions just for the sake of adventure. This is my life. There is always a fear of the nature force. This is normal. But curiosity is bigger than fear. The station will allow me not only to do science – I will also paint pictures, keep a diary. I love our planet. And no matter how much I travel, it seems to me that I have seen so little of it”, said Fyodor.

May we remind that Fyodor Konyuhov has reached the North Geographic Pole five times. Alone he has made five voyages around the world, crossed the Atlantic 17 times, and once in a rowboat.

Earlier, we told that the famous polar explorer Vladimir Chukov went to Taimyr. We also wrote about a single winter hike to the Putorana plateau, which was made on skis by a Russian tourist and photographer Andrey Podkorytov at the time when the whole country was on self-isolation.

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April 28, 2021

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