Famous polar explorer to go on expedition to Taimyr

Famous polar explorer to go on expedition to Taimyr

March 29, 2021

Vladimir Chukov with his team will set several commemorative signs in honor of the pioneers.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. A meeting was held in Moscow to prepare an extraordinary expedition to Yamal and Taimyr. It was attended by the president of the country’s oldest expeditionary center Arctic Vladimir Chukov and experts from the Council of Indigenous Peoples of the North.

The approximate route of the expedition has been revealed for the first time. The work will be carried out in the region of the oil and gas province Vostok-Oil, as well as the coastline and arctic desert landscapes from the port of Dikson to the eastern coast of Taimyr.

In many areas, polar explorers will work with local communities of fishermen and reindeer herders to locate artefacts and sacred sites.

“It is important that the leaders of the indigenous peoples got involved in the work. They do not need to be explained the importance of preserving the northern culture”, said Vladimir Chukov. “Nature has played a cruel joke on us. Due to changes in the temperature regime, many cultural objects are destroyed, requiring urgent measures to strengthen or at least thorough research. The expedition is necessary, and this spring is the best time for it”.

Vladimir Chukov has already organized more than 30 expeditions in the Arctic and Antarctic. He became the first person in the world to ski autonomously to the North Pole four times. Honorary polar explorer, honored master of sports of the USSR (1989), an outstanding traveler of Russia, general director of the Festival of Great Travelers. He has 16 government awards.

“We are planning to set several memorial signs in honor of the Russian Arctic pioneers”, the traveler said. “In particular, a sign in memory of the Russian Polar Expedition under the leadership of baron Toll in Colin Archer bay – at the site of the first wintering of the Zarya yacht, a sign in memory of the first wintering on Dixon island”.

The results obtained in the expedition in the field of monitoring and studying the objects of cultural heritage of the Russian Arctic will be used in the preparation of a volume from the Islands and archipelagos of the Russian Arctic series dedicated to the natural and cultural heritage of the islands and the coast of the Kara sea.

As a result of the expedition, it is planned to prepare a series of popular science publications about it in the World of the North magazine, as well as to hold photo exhibitions. The footage will be used in the preparation of stories for the Black Holes. White Spots program and the Land of People series of films on the Culture TV channel.

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Text: Ekaterina Maksimova, Photo: kazanreporter.ru, getsiz.ru, ec-arctic.ru, members of the expedition

March 29, 2021

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