Taimyr tourists help collect valuable information

Taimyr tourists help collect valuable information

August 01, 2022

Volunteers fill in observations diaries and actively cooperate with the Taimyr Reserves directorate.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. A new volunteer association is gaining momentum in Taimyr – activists who spend summer season in the tundra and in the mountains pass on their observations to the scientists of the Taimyr Reserves organization.

Before the next field season, the management of the organization met with tourists and travelers – carriers of the most valuable information. As Larisa Stryuchkova, the leading public relations specialist of the Taimyr Reserves directorate (TR), said, most of the activists are members of the reserves’ long-term partner – the Taimyr Explorers Club (TEC). As a result of this meeting, a group was created, which was called TR and TEC Watchers.

Each participant was given observation diaries, the methodology for conducting field expeditionary work and other necessary materials. In the future, scientists from the Taimyr Reserves directorate, who monitor the environment state, can put the tourists’ data from into a single document – the nature chronicle.

Scientists note that the idea with the tourists is very good: travelers betray many interesting facts. For example, a well-known Norilsk blogger, naturalist and photographer Olga Alexandrova noticed that the year was very bad for birds of prey:

“I filmed short-eared owls only upon arrival. Perhaps they migrated to more favorable areas. Rough-legged buzzards in the observed areas were in place in the spring and began to lay eggs. To date, all the nests are empty. Neither voles nor lemmings are seen at all in the tundra. There are pikas, but they are less than usual. Falcons are in more favorable conditions, although gyrfalcons are also not visible on all observed nests, despite the fact that they did not leave their territories in winter. Mousers are feeling well”.

Scientists do not exclude that Olga recorded the so-called local pessimum in the number of rodents. From time to time, such a phenomenon occurs in nature.

Earlier we talked about the study of alternative energy sources in Norilsk. Also, the Taimyr Reserves directorate offered tourists a new type of leisure – a self-expedition in Talnah, and a visitor center on lake Lama is promised to be opened in the summer.

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Text: Anzhelika Stepanova, Photos: Nikolay Shchipko, Olga Alexandrova and Taimyr Reserves directorate

August 01, 2022

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