Severny Gorod media company turns 25

Severny Gorod media company turns 25

May 30, 2023

The company is celebrating a quarter of a century of broadcasting in the Arctic.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. On May 30, Severny Gorod media company celebrates its 25th anniversary. It all started on a May evening in 1998 – at 23:00, director Ivan Shesterikov pressed a button in the control room.

For 25 years, the Norilsk studio has presented many well-known names.

The media platform today is several resources: a TV channel, three electronic media: Severny Gorod, Taimyr Telegraph and This is Taimyr, radio stations Avtoradio Norilsk and Europe Plus Norilsk. The media company is actively represented in social networks.

5 facts about Severny Gorod

The name of the media company was invented by the first TV company general director, Igor Astapov.

The abbreviation for news NID did not mean the Norilsk Industrial Region, but News. Details. Reporting. A year after the start of broadcasting, the rating of Severny Gorod rose to 74 percent.

Maria Mahanova’s program Big Little Ira received a diploma from the TEFI-Region competition held by the Academy of Russian TV in the Special Reporting nomination.

In the first four years of its existence, about seven hundred animals were shown in the Lost Program, two thirds of them were returned to their owners, the rest found new ones.

Severny Gorod will celebrate the anniversary at the Norilsk Drama theatre. Norilsk television stars of different years, those who stood at its origins, will come to congratulate the media company; the colleagues from other media, partners and friends, whom Severny Gorod has accumulated a lot over 25 years.

Now dozens of professionals in their field work under the leadership of general director Elena Sergeeva: journalists, cameramen, directors, IT specialists, producers, designers…

Today, the media company creates projects about life in Norilsk, the work of the city-forming enterprise – Norilsk Nickel and Taimyr. Recently, a bright tourist project, jointly with the Norilsk Development Agency (NDA), went on the air.

Thanks to the joint educational project of the Severny Gorod media company and Norilsk Nickel, the Enrichment Factory lecture club, Norilsk residents got to know the polyglot Dmitry Petrov, perfume critic Sergey Borisov, brand chef Alexey Zimin, journalist Fekla Tolstaya and other well-known experts.

At the initiative of Norilsk Nickel and Severny Gorod, in 2015 the Media school in the Arctic began to operate.

In the project Completely different matter, well-known Russians try on the Norilsk Nickel professions: basketball player Ivan Uhov became the builder of the Sulfur Program, and the famous hockey player Alexander Mogilny worked on the cathode packaging line at the Copper plant.

In the project of the NDA Academy of Creative Industries and the Moscow Film school Universal University, Norilsk residents acted as short films directors.

There are still many years ahead, work, interesting projects and new faces that will be opened by the Severny Gorod, rich in talents.

Earlier, Andrey Grishkov, a journalist from the Severny Gorod TV company, won The Siberia.PRO contest, and the media company photojournalist Nikolay Shchipko became the winner of the journalistic works contest in Moscow.

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Text: Angelica Stepanova, Photo: editorial archive

May 30, 2023

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