Putorana Plateau tour cluster is one step from federal support

Putorana Plateau tour cluster is one step from federal support

October 09, 2020

Voting can bring victory to our territory.

The winners of the all-Russian ecocluster competition will be determined by the results of Internet voting. Norilsk residents and residents of Taimyr can help our territory enter the top 10 by assessing the advantages of the Putorana plateau and giving their vote for it. At the same time, the top ten territories claim serious federal support. It will help develop the infrastructure of the cluster. Voting is open until October 9, the results will be announced after the 16th.

Voting for the finalist projects is going on the priroda.life competition website

Voting for the finalist projects is going on the priroda.life competition website, in the Geography section. All subjects of Russia participating in the competition are reflected on the interactive map of the country. When you open the Finalists tab and click on a region, you can see the project briefs, illustrations and presentations. Next to each project there is an opportunity to give it your like.

The team of the Arctic. Putorana Plateau cluster which entered the top 30 territories for the prospective development of ecological tourism, sets major tasks in the formation of tourist infrastructure. For example, the creation of a network of huts for overnight stays on hiking tourist routes, the preparation of certified tourist routes, the construction of a pier for small boats, the construction of local treatment facilities, the installation of alternative energy sources, and so on. Experts are confident that all this and much more is feasible.

“Our territory is actively fighting for reaching the finals, and it needs the support of residents, all of us, dear fellow countrymen. Go to the priroda.life website and vote for the projects. Registration on the portal is required. You can also vote on it by logging into social media accounts. You can also post on your social networks information about the project of the Arctic. Putorana Plateau tourist cluster with the #state-of-the-art and #Russia is the most beautiful country hashtags, and your post will be re-posted in the public pages of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives. Let the whole country know about our project!” – says the message of the Norilsk Development Agency, which developed the project with the support of the municipalities of Norilsk and Taimyr, as well as the Taimyr Reserves Federal State Budgetary Institution.

Text: Mikhail Tuaev, Photo: Pavel Tarasov and priroda.life

October 09, 2020

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