Plane delivered to Dudinka by land

Plane delivered to Dudinka by land

June 25, 2021

In the capital of Taimyr, An-24 will set in the aviators’ park under construction.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. An-24 aircraft, which has not been operated since 2004, was transported from Norilsk airport to Dudinka. The aircraft is planned to become the highlight of the Aviators square, the arrangement of which continues in the capital of Taimyr.

An-24RV aircraft with registration number RA-46531, received by the Norilsk squadron in the late 1990s, until 2004 operated flights to Krasnoyarsk, Hatanga, Shushenskoye and Dikson. Unlike its counterpart An-26, which has a cargo or mixed purpose, it transported only people.

An-24 will set in aviators’ park under construction

The turboprop aircraft could lift 48 passengers and up to five crewmembers into the air, its carrying capacity was 6.5 tons, and its cruising speed was 460 kilometers per hour with a maximum flight range of 1 850 kilometers.

“Last fall, a letter from the Dudinka administration was forwarded to the Norilsk airport with a proposal to hand over this plane to them to create the Aviators square, to which we gladly agreed”, said Igor Maryevsky, head of the aviation engineering service at Norilsk airport. “There are similar squares all over the country, and we, the entire Norilsk airport, are very pleased that such an initiative has appeared in Taimyr. This is the memory of the people who conquered the northern airways, thanks to which the profession of an aviator became usual in the North”.

Igor Maryevsky also noted that over the winter they undocked and sent to Dudinka the wings and the keel of the aircraft, and prepared the so-called lodgements for transporting the main part of the fuselage on the trawl platform.

“We measured everything, down to the total height of the trawl itself and the lodgments, so that the plane could overcome the difficult route to Dudinka along public roads, with an abundance of flyovers and power transmission line supports. In addition, a special traverse made – a frame for direct loading and unloading of an aircraft onto a trawl trailer. Everything has unique dimensions and manufactured individually by Norilsknickelremont. Loading and transportation would have been impossible without the involvement of Norilskpromtransport equipment. The result was a rather complicated, but extremely interesting project for the transportation of the aircraft”, he added.

The plane is already assembled in a new place – in the Aviators square, which is still being built near school number #3. Like the An-26 at the Nadezhda Metallurgical Plant, it will be installed on special structures. In addition, air markings will be applied throughout the site, and information on the history of polar aviation in Taimyr and the routes served by the aircraft will appear on the stands.

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Text: Mikhail Tuaev, Photo: Artem Finn

June 25, 2021

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