Northernmost theater staging musical fairy tale

Northernmost theater staging musical fairy tale

December 14, 2020

A little less than two weeks are left before the New Year’s premiere.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. Fenist the Bright Falcon is a large-scale production in which almost the entire troupe is involved. There will be fights, dances, songs, and ceremonies. No one will be bored, says director Anna Babanova.

Rehearsals have been going on for two weeks on stage. Specially for journalists, the director agreed to show several fragments of the future performance. For this, the artists tried on new costumes.

“Guys, let’s show more enthusiasm, joy – you’re having a wedding party, a holiday!”, Anna Babanova comments on the acting.

It is incredibly interesting to watch from the outside what is happening on the stage, and how, in fact, the fairy tale is created.

The script, according to the director, was written not much according to the Russian folk tale, but according to the film released on the eve of 1976.

“As a child, I had a vinyl record called Fenist the Bright Falcon. I loved it very much”, said Anna Babanova. “Then I fell in love with the film, which was very similar to the fairy tale from the record. And I want to transfer that story to the stage so that people hear all those melodies they have loved since childhood. In the script, the vocal parts are preserved, but the Russian flavor is added – Norilsk composer Andrey Fedoskin summed up the music of the performance under a single denominator, stylizing it like Russian folklore.

I came up with this fairy tale for my son when he was very little, it is adapted for children’s perception.

Today I slightly changed the performance, now there will be other costumes, music, scenery, which I really like. I hope it will be warm and funny”.

The director showed sketches of costumes and scenery, which even on paper look very monumental – complex transitions and ladders, which on the stage will become a city, and roads, and forests.

The pandemic, which also made adjustments to the theater plans, forced to abandon traditional games and entertainment in the theater foyer before the performance. Santa Claus will only appear on stage to wish the kids a Happy New Year.

It is expected that from December 25 to January 9 the performance will be shown 30 times.

Text: Marina Andriyuk Photo: Alexander Haritonov

December 14, 2020

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