Northern city to tell polar fox story

Northern city to tell polar fox story

April 23, 2021

The hero of the cartoon and comic strip can be seen in cinemas, shops and on street screens of the city.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. The northern animal became the main character of the cartoon which the Norilsk media company Severny Gorod (translated as Northern City) recently launched, and the character of the comic book with a sequel. The polar fox, together with a little girl, talks about their friendship, about the polar day and the ice drift on the Yenisey river – about everything that is close and interesting to the townspeople.

Why among all the northern animals, which can often be found in the folklore of the indigenous peoples of Taimyr, did the journalists give preference to the arctic fox? Wolves and bears, wolverines and deer – they all have their own personality and characters. However, the polar fox is rightfully called one of the most interesting and amazing animals of the Russian Arctic.

Norilsk residents have seen this animal many times last winter on the outskirts of the city. Arctic foxes are so trusting that you can feed them from your hands, although zoologists warn against doing that.

Polar foxes are social animals. They live in groups. Endurance is their distinguishing feature. The arctic fox is active at any time of the day, since in its habitats a significant part of the year falls on the polar night and polar day, and the day and night change is not very noticeable.

To watch The Way Home cartoon

In search of prey, the arctic fox is able to travel great distances. There is even a case documented by scientists when a polar fox was ringed in Taimyr, and a few months later found in Alaska. Can you imagine what a colossal distance the arctic fox travels in search of prey?

Patience and endurance are exactly the qualities that journalists who ‘hunt’ for news should have in the modern world. It is logical that the Severny gorod media company for its multiverse chose the polar fox as the hero.

We present the first animated video – The Way Home – in which you will learn the story of the acquaintance of a little girl and a polar fox and why, of all northern animals, only he could help her (find the linking banner at the site’s main page. In our Instagram account, you can watch the comic of the same name. However, the media company is not going to stop there. The polar animal will become a regular in the animated series, which is being prepared our media company.

The creator of the animation clips is Yevgeny Kalinichev, a young Norilsk resident. He is engaged in the design and selection of films in the entertainment and cinema center Art-Hall, and in his free time he creates cartoons. The cute little animal will also be the central character in the comics, which Norilsk residents will be able to see in all social networks of the media company. Drawn stories are created by the head of the Norilsk comics and manga studio Nikolay Nadezhin.

Also, the polar fox can be seen in cinemas, supermarkets and on street screens in the city.

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Text: Victor Tsaryov, Photo: Sergey Gorshkov and open sources

April 23, 2021

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