Nornickel won Responsible Business Leaders award in three categories

Nornickel won Responsible Business Leaders award in three categories

February 15, 2024

The company got the awards as part of Russian Business Week.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. The Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs hosted a social forum Human Potential Development as a Factor of Sustainable Development in the Conditions of Global Change as part of the Russian Business Week.

The event featured an award ceremony for the winners of the national award Responsible Business Leaders. Nornickel became a 1st degree laureate, achieving the best result in three categories at once. Experts highly appreciated the company’s three programs:

Program for the socio-economic development of the municipality of Norilsk until 2035 in the nomination For Contribution to the Sustainable Development of Territories.

Strategy in the field of ecology and climate change (2021–2030) in the category For Contribution to Solving Strategic Environmental and Climate Problems.

The Present for the Future: Developing Engineering Potential in the nomination For Contribution to Solving Strategic Problems of Human Development.

“The Responsible Business Leaders Award supports companies that strive to be transparent. This suggests that the vector of working with people is changing in society, and expectations from modern business are increasing. Nornickel sets trends along this path. We received awards in three categories: for the development of human capital, for environmental projects, and for the development of territories. It is noteworthy that the winners are projects that the company has been implementing for several years. An excellent reason to be proud of the sustainable, very serious effect of the large Nornickel team’s work. I would like to congratulate our entire company, all employees on such a high rating, on such an achievement”, said vice president for human resources policy Daria Kryachkova.

Forum participants discussed the role of socially responsible business in improving the quality of human capital. Chairman of the Nornickel directors’ board Andrey Bougrov emphasized that for the company the people who work there are the main capital:

“Norilsk is home to 170 thousand people. Many of them are the company employees. They have families, so the education system needs to meet the needs of residents and family members. The medical care system would be professional and accessible. And there are things that should not be forgotten either, they should have the opportunity to dance, go to the theater or the library, and play sports. Therefore, the company is building facilities that would satisfy these needs. This applies to kindergartens, schools, the physical education and health center that we put into operation two years ago, swimming pools, skating rinks – anything for a fulfilling life”.

In addition, the speaker spoke about how the company interacts with indigenous peoples in Taimyr, and also commented on the obstacles that business faces in the labor market:

“Almost all enterprises are experiencing a shortage of qualified labor. This is a long-term problem, because it is necessary to rebuild and readjust the education system. Accordingly, we need to start from school, and this will take 10-15 years. This period of problems for qualified personnel should be overcome. This is quite painful, but it will happen due to production automation, the introduction of artificial intelligence, and robotization of production. Of course, this won’t be possible to do completely, but at least some relief will happen in this area”.

According to Andrey Bougrov, these difficulties are temporary, and the sustainable development of Nornickel and all Russian business is absolutely possible.

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Text: Angelika Stepanova, Photo: Nornickel press service

February 15, 2024

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