Nornickel to help to create leading engineering school

Nornickel to help to create leading engineering school

June 10, 2022

The upcoming transformation was discussed at the Polar State University.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. The Polar State University’s development was discussed at the meeting of the Coordinating council for the vocational education’s development headed by the Nornickel’s senior vice president Larisa Zelkova .

According to the university’s acting rector Yevgeny Golubev the university intends to become a part of the federal project Advanced Engineering Schools. The obligatory condition is the direct participation of a large high-tech company interested in the transformation results.

The university intends to double the number of students to 1600 people. The applicants will have to prove themselves in solving team engineering problems to enroll in advanced programs. Up to 700 schoolchildren will participate in project marathons based on FabLab every year.

The training areas will remain the same – mining and metallurgy, but the advanced engineering school’s programs’ content will change. The educational trajectories will become completely individual. Students will be able to determine the training profile themselves and gain relevant skills in the existing production. They will implement several technological projects, and the senior courses are based on the Nornickel’s cases and tasks.

The university will use a different approach in the Digital Power Industry project. A so-called ‘educational corridor’ will be formed along the route ‘college – bachelor’s – master’s’. Students of all levels will be trained in a single laboratories’ complex Digital Electricity as training teams’ participants.

It was noted:

Practicing engineers will play a special role in training unique specialists of the new formation. They will make up 70 percent of the teachers. The educational institution will pay attention to the further graduates’ employment. Together with the Nornickel, standard five-year perspective’s career tracks will be developed, and individual career development trajectories will be selected for 90 percent of of an advanced engineering school’s graduates depending on the training’s profile.

Yevgeny Golubev noted that the technological agenda is adjusted to the Nornickel’s challenges. The most ambitious of them are unmanned mining and enrichment in metallurgy, reducing the environmental burden in production and developing new environmentally friendly technologies for creating materials.

90 percent of university professors and engineers will master the tools of patent, technological, scientific and marketing analytics to solve the set tasks. 50 engineering and entrepreneurial teams from all over the country will be able to pass The Nornickel’s programs annually.

An intelligent business incubation system for commercially promising student projects will be developed at the Information technologies faculty. A single digital platform will be formed to facilitate the interaction between the University and the Combine and to track research and development work.

The University intends to increase its attractiveness for new professors and researchers. The modular curriculum will make it possible to flexibly build the educational process and attract experts from the federal level. The Polar State University plans to cooperate with leading scientific and educational centers of Russia.

The grandiose and far-reaching plans will have to be defended in the Ministry of Higher Education and Science of Russia. Larisa Zelkova confirmed the Company’s interest in establishing the Advanced Engineering School and expressed her readiness to provide comprehensive assistance in the implementation of this ambitious task.

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Text: Ekaterina Elkanova. Photo: editorial archive

June 10, 2022

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