Nornickel completed field survey for swimming pool construction in Norilsk

Nornickel completed field survey for swimming pool construction in Norilsk

May 24, 2023

Specialists are examining the core extracted at the site along Hantayskaya street

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. In Norilsk, Nornickel is implementing a project to build a swimming pool at 39, Khantayskaya street. A contracting organization has been identified for design and survey work – the Territorial Urban Planning Institute Krasnoyarskgrazhdanproekt joint-stock company.

“Today, all planning decisions for the new pool have been approved. Experts drilled 15 wells. Now they are working on a survey report, after which they will start preparing design estimates with a deadline for work completion by the end of 2023”, said Sergey Shishkunov, the project office for the comprehensive measures implementation for the Norilsk development head.

The area for the object placement is 848 square meters. The pool will include six swimming lanes 25 meters long, a children’s pool, a sauna complex and a fitness center.

Sergey Shishkunov noted that the project uniqueness lies in the parking spaces arrangement: some of them will be located under the building. The deadline for construction and installation work completion is the fourth quarter of 2026.

Work continues on other renovation projects in Norilsk, which will be built thanks to additional funding from Norilsk Nickel.

Ice sports palace

The contractor, which is building the Ice sports palace in the Central District, has already submitted a report on engineering and geological surveys based on the field work first stage results.


The BelSlavInvest company dismantles ceilings and plaster, strengthens the walls brickwork with a special mortar in the future all-season public space Tower building. The work will be completed in the first quarter of 2024.

Arctic Museum of Modern Art

Engineering-geological and engineering-geodetic surveys were carried out for the former House of Trade at 37 Komsomolskaya street building reconstruction for the Arctic Museum of Modern Art (AMMA) creation.

The interiors were examined by laser scanning. Similar work is currently being carried out outside the building. At the same time, the Nornickel Polar Division profile subdivisions are negotiating a draft contract for the preliminary design adjustment. The approximate date of the facility commissioning is the fourth quarter of 2026.

The Polar State University (PSU) Refurbishment

The draft design has been slightly adjusted. The coordination of the educational equipment placement and the furniture selection continues. The repair completion date is the fourth quarter of 2025.

Opposite the university, on the site for the student complex construction, surveys are being carried out. The town planning council approved the architectural and planning solution of the complex. Construction and installation work at this facility will be completed in the fourth quarter of 2025.

Lyceum named after Dolgih

Sites have been identified for the construction of a multidisciplinary innovative educational complex for children named after. V.I. Dolgih for 1100 study places for 44 classes.

Based on the survey results, the contractor is developing structural solutions for the building. The maximum height of the three-storey building will reach 18 meters. A football field measuring 40 by 60 meters will be adjacent to the building, which in winter can be turned into an outdoor skating rink. The deadline for construction and installation work completion is 2025.

A comprehensive plan for socio-economic development implementation

On 50 Let Oktyabrya street, a monolithic ceiling installation at the zero mark and the first floor walls building continues on the two multi-storey residential buildings construction site. The facilities will be commissioned in the fourth quarter of 2024.

In Oganer, the contractor completed the field stage of engineering surveys to the extent necessary for the project documentation development as part of the integrated development of the territory. In the fourth quarter of 2025, three residential buildings, a school for 1,100 children and a kindergarten for 270 children will appear here, and in the fourth quarter of 2029, five more residential buildings will appear.

The low-rise and mid-rise residential buildings construction and reconstruction is also being carried out in the Central district along Pavlova, 23, Kirov, 7/10, and Laureates, 29 and 31 streets. Completion dates are the fourth quarter of 2024.

Engineering surveys have been completed for the reconstruction of a kindergarten in Kayerkan at 4 Pervomayskaya street. Working documentation has been developed. The summary estimate calculation was sent to the regional state examination for compilation correctness verification.

According to the plan, the construction of a polyclinic in Talnah with a capacity of 1,000 visits per shift is underway. A complex of engineering surveys has been completed. The contractor started testing the soils at the piles base. Four volumes of project documentation were also sent to the regional state examination. In addition, the staffing table and the list of necessary medical equipment have been agreed upon for the future polyclinic.

Also, another unfinished building from the 1990s will be dismantled in Norilsk, and by the end of 2023 the first house under the renovation program will be commissioned in the city.

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Text: Polina Ivanova and Angelica Stepanova, Photo: Nikolay Shchipko and Olga Polyanskaya

May 24, 2023

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