Norilsk residents make films

Norilsk residents make films

June 07, 2023

The cinema-style event took place in the city's creative space.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. The finale of the Filmmaking course, developed by the Academy of Creative Industries of the Norilsk Development Agency (NDA) together with the Moscow Film School Universal University, was the event World. Movie. May. Prior to this, the NDA hosted a two-day filmmaking training program.

The course’s main result in the NDA creative space was the demonstration of films and one-frame sketches shot by the graduates of the Filmmaking course. Norilsk residents, the Academy of Creative Industries and the Moscow Film School graduates, presented their short films and one-frame sketches. Later some of novice Moscow directors’ work were shown on the screen.

The premiere brought together the authors and participants in the filming process, as well as interested citizens. After the screenings, the audience and the course graduates discussed the work results and proposals for further filming.

“Six months ago, we invited 23 Norilsk residents to the course, 13 of them reached the stage of filming short films”, said Karina Andreeva, NDA deputy director for sociocultural and educational projects. – “Norilsk students attracted many townspeople to work on their movies. Obviously, we are in the film community birth process. And the guys are ready to continue! This cannot but rejoice.”

According to the curator of the Filmmaking preparatory course Mikhail Fatahov, a person with any profession can work in the cinema. The master believes that shooting films is a great collective effort, where not only the scriptwriter, director, actors and cameraman are involved, but many other groups: administrative, artistic, camera, production and others. Even drivers and barmaids are needed on the set, he says, but the director on the set works exclusively with the actors:

“In general, I believe that the first directors worked not with actors and film, but with canvas. Within a limited canvas, the artist had to tell a whole story that the viewer would consider. This is what we did at the master class: based on the Wanderers’ paintings, we came up with stories worthy of entire series”.

In addition to the educational block, the creative space worked , bright themed photo zones were made where guests could take pictures against the backdrop of a huge movie clapperboard or sit on the director’s chair with their last name.

“It’s great that Norilsk people are finally making films, although there is no film industry in the city as such. Yes, these are the first works, and there are some shortcomings, but the fact that they succeeded and they were not afraid to present it to the audience is very cool”, shared creative space community manager Maria Nikitich.

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Text: Viktor Tsarev, Photos: Elena Belalova, Nikita Zheludkov and NDA

June 07, 2023

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