Norilsk and Tula celebrate Sergey Shcheglov-Norilsky’s centenary

Norilsk and Tula celebrate Sergey Shcheglov-Norilsky’s centenary

September 13, 2021

One of the northern city first builders passed away a year and a half before his centenary.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. The Norillag graduate took his literary pseudonym in memory of the place where he was brought from a student’s bench in August 1942.

A freshman of the Moscow Regional Pedagogical Institute’s history faculty was accused of anti-Soviet agitation and sentenced to five years.

In the camp, the future writer began with general work on the oxyliquite plant construction. Employees of the factory laboratory, who received the Stalin Prize for the development and use of local explosives, oxyliquite, became the heroes of Sergey Shcheglov-Norilsky’s main book. He worked on the Stalin Prize continuation until the last days of his life, but did not manage to finish it.

The 40-year-old certified engineer left Norilsk in the status of one of the first writers of the Arctic, the head of the local writers, poets and journalists association.

All his life Sergey Lvovich did not lose touch with former Norilsk residents, many of whom became heroes of his books, newspaper and magazine publications.

Sergey Shcheglov entered the history of our city as a participant in its construction and a Norilsk biographer, as for Tula, which became his homeland for almost six decades, thanks to Shcheglov, the Tula historical, educational, charitable and human rights society Memorial was found. Now in Memorial they are negotiating on assigning the name of Sergey Shcheglov-Norilskiy to the society.

For almost three decades, on a voluntary basis, he ran the Memorial’s affairs. With his participation, the monument to the political repression victims and Memory Books appeared in the city.

A conference in the regional library is scheduled for September 22 in Tula, at which a book of memoirs about the hero of the day will be presented. Life Lived with the Country is the publication’s working title, which includes the memoirs of the collection compilers, Alexandra, Sergey Shcheglov’s daughter, and his granddaughter Yulia.

Among the authors of the collection is journalist Irina Danilenko, who met with the writer on his 95th birthday in Tula. The archive material about the hero of the day kept in the funds of the Norilsk Museum was provided by his employees. The compilers included in the publication the memoirs of Valentina Martynova, the legendary editor of Zapolyarnaya Pravda (Norilsk oldest newspaper), with whom Shcheglov collaborated even after leaving Norilsk.

The book of memoirs about Sergey Shcheglov will appear in Norilsk as well. It is planned to be delivered to the city for the opening of the September exhibition at the museum. It is known that museum workers are reproducing the writer’s office: his personal belongings and even pieces of furniture are kept in the funds. The exposition will include documents of different years, the chronicle of the Norilsk oxyliquite plant, books, publications, including theater criticism and, of course, photographs from different years.

They are also preparing for the first builder anniversary celebration, which falls on September 21, at the Public Library. An evening in memory of Sergey Shcheglov-Norilskiy, who is not too late to be awarded our city honorary citizen title, will be held there.

Earlier, we reported that a monument to the political repression victims is being restored in Norilsk.

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Text: Valentina Vachayeva, Photo: Norilsk Museum,,

September 13, 2021

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