Norilsk and Taimyr tourism organizations received grants

Norilsk and Taimyr tourism organizations received grants

November 24, 2020

Rosturizm allocated more than 13.5 million rubles for local participants in the competition.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. Five organizations – participants of the Arctic tourism recreation cluster became winners of the Rostourism competition and are awaiting federal funding. The list includes the individual entrepreneur Alexander Yevlash, the PutoranaTour, the Putorana Territory, the Taimyr Explorers’ Club organizations and the Tundra Legends project of the Tyakha ethnic settlement.

The competition for grant support of Rostourism was announced in April this year with the aim of supporting entrepreneurial and public initiatives aimed at developing domestic and inbound tourism. The maximum grant amount was 3 million rubles. At least 30 percent of the requested grant amount had to be invested by the participants themselves.

The total amount of grant funds allocated by Rostourism for the implementation of projects within the Arctic tourism cluster exceeded 13.5 million rubles.

Alexander Yevlash intends to use the amount of the grant to purchase a hovercraft, which will allow delivering tourists to remote attractions of the peninsula and increase the tourist flow in the middle price segment.

For PutoranaTour and the Legends of the Tundra project, receiving grants means purchasing snowmobiles. PutoranyTour intends to organize snowmobile tours to the western part of the Putorana plateau, to lake Lama and the rivers Khoisi, Bunisyak, Bucharamu, Geological, Amon-Yuryakh flowing into it. Legends of the Tundra project needs a snowmobile to transport tourists to the ethnic settlement, where they can get acquainted with the history, culture, traditions and life of the indigenous peoples of the Far North.

The Territory of Putorana intends to invest grant funds in the construction of a domed tent on the territory of the existing base at Lama lake, where up to 12 people can live simultaneously.

The Taimyr Explorers’ Club (TEC) will direct funds to create passports for tourist routes in Taimyr. For 30 years of studying the history and geography of Taimyr, the TEC has accumulated extensive information useful to all tour operators working in Taimyr and their guests.

The Arctic tourist cluster was created in 2018 and brings together the efforts of the Norilsk Development Agency, the administrations of Taimyr and Norilsk, the Taimyr Reserves directorate and private investors. The NDA specialists assisted in making and submission the grant applications.

Text: Victor Borodin, photo: open sources

November 24, 2020

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