NordStar’s laikolet made its last flight

NordStar’s laikolet made its last flight

October 26, 2020

At night, on 23-24 October, the liner flew to Slovenia, where it would be repainted in a new livery.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. May we remind you that the husky named U-Laika was the mascot of the winter Universiade-2019 which took place in Krasnoyarsk. Several aircrafts of the NordStar air company had been painted in husky style before the international student sports event. Siberian people called them laikolets, that is husky planes.

A couple of days ago users said goodbye to the last flying ‘husky’ and expressed regret that they would no longer see the livery that was loved by many.

Siberian people called the aircrafts laikolets, that is husky planes

“The special livery was probably the best in Russia”, “It’s a pity, they could have left one as a keepsake”, “It’s good that I managed to fly on all of them”, “Farewell, dog plane, the nicest livery among Russian planes”, people wrote on Instagram.

The livery was loved by many

The first two former laikolets have already been repainted in new colors. NordStar presented the new livery in August.

“The new livery is based on clear straight lines that fold into a geometric mosaic of many faces. The livery is made in the signature NordStar colors – blue, light blue and sapphire, with accents of bright purple. The livery pattern symbolizes the glare of sunlight in the ice and is associated primarily with the pristine beauty of the Far North, a territory that is a priority in the geography of NordStar flights. Faces of different colors and sizes, as if refracting each other, also symbolize a bright kaleidoscope of emotions and events that any journey gives passengers”, explained the company’s press office.

The livery pattern is associated primarily with the beauty of the Far North

“In the new livery, we wanted to reflect the geographical affiliation of the airline, the peculiarities of the region where the NordStar airline was born 12 years ago, and to pay tribute to the majestic northern nature that our pilots and flight attendants admire every day, flying to polar Norilsk. The northern landscape is very geometric: the flat plane of the tundra, the trapezoidal mountains of the Putorana plateau, parallel straight reflections of the aurora borealis, blocks-polygons of ice hummocks of the northern seas – all this formed the basis of the new livery. The new image of the NordStar aircrafts turned out to be very bright and harmonious at the same time. We are confident that these planes will not remain unnoticed either among the snow-covered winter landscapes of our northern destinations, or on the aprons of the southern airports”, said Leonid Mohov, general director of NordStar.

Text: Olga Polyanskaya, Photo: social networks

October 26, 2020

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